In our opinion: Personal contributions to pension plans slow after state change

Utah revised its pension system for public employees, but workers have been slow to up for the loss.

My view: Utah leaders, don't let EPA fool you twice

The Supreme Court’s ruling last month against the Environmental Protection Agency’s costly mercury regulation was a sharp rebuke to President Barack Obama’s environmental agenda. Read more »

13 hours ago


Letter: Methane benefits

Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Methane that escapes into the atmosphere traps excess heat much more effectively than carbon dioxide. Read more »

13 hours ago


Letter: Read, read, read

Books open up worlds, adventures, careers and futures for all — but especially for kids. Read more »

13 hours ago


Letter: Envision Utah scam

In my opinion, Envision Utah is a powerful organization that uses deception and coercion to further political and special-interest objectives. Read more »



My view: Medicare marks golden anniversary, deserves many more

As we commemorate Medicare’s 50th anniversary, it’s essential that we celebrate the legacy of the program and recommit ourselves to fighting to keep it strong for current and future... Read more »


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Letter: Eroding the BSA

Thank you to the Human Rights Campaign for tactfully eroding the Boy Scouts of America. Your sophistries are unparalleled. Read more »



Jay Evensen: An Obama-created monument in Utah would destroy the democratic process

Americans are not like ISIS, waiting anxiously with bulldozers hoping for a chance to turn ancient cliff dwellings into rubble. Any agreement that didn’t protect important artifacts... Read more »

July 29, 2015


In our opinion: Teacher pay one way to help avoid a potential crisis in declining interest in an education career

The decline in the number of those interested in pursing a teaching profession as well as a decrease in their academic achievements, particularly in science and math, is disconcerting. It's a... Read more »

July 29, 2015


Richard Davis: Planned Parenthood scandal demonstrates need for abortion policy reform

Two Planned Parenthood executives recently spoke about unborn children with the callousness of someone talking about squashing a mosquito. This is an opportune moment to push the reset button on... Read more »

July 29, 2015


My view: USOE employees achieve despite few resources

As a member of the Utah State Board of Education for 12 years and chairwoman of that board for five years, I am in a unique position to express my gratitude for the individuals who have worked and... Read more »

July 29, 2015


Letter: More Lehi gridlock?

Lehi’s congested traffic concerns surrounding SR92 are well-founded. The crisscross, head-on traffic sticks like a fish bone in the city’s throat, and Lehi may not be able to lure more high-tech firms because of it. Read more »

July 29, 2015


Letter: Draper real estate

Leaving the prison where it is now and making improvements as needed will best serve the interests of the state. Read more »

July 29, 2015


Derek B. Miller: The personal side of business — for better and not just for worse

"Business" is made up of people — for better or for worse. While there are enough examples showing the "worse" side of business, I recently observed one of the "better" interactions — a... Read more »

July 28, 2015


Letter: Constitutionally elected

It would have been nice if our state Legislature had figured out a way to select the state school board constitutionally during the last legislative session, but they didn’t. And what is kind of interesting is that our current... Read more »

July 28, 2015


Letter: More than fluff

Last week I was visited by one of the four candidates campaigning for the city council of my city. He had plenty of opinions but nothing to offer but general statements that have little meaning in helping me decide who would best... Read more »

July 28, 2015


Letter: Federal help

Ellen Creager of the Detroit Free Press was recently quoted in the Deseret News saying, “When America’s naturalists and lawmakers began designating national parks, the idea was to preserve beautiful places for future... Read more »

July 28, 2015


In our opinion: Trump's statements on Mexican immigrants are incendiary, incorrect

What presidential candidate Donald Trump said about Mexico "sending people that have lots of problems" — including rapists, criminals and drug traffickers — is not only unnecessarily... Read more »

July 28, 2015


My view: Differences should not foster intolerance

Ideally, laws should respect all people, all races and all walks of life to the fullest extent possible. Sometimes it seems as if the message we send is “I have absolutely no tolerance for... Read more »

July 28, 2015


John Hoffmire: Transforming noble ideas into novel solutions

The beacon of development often conjures up images of radical innovations, disruptive models and leapfrog technologies. Read more »

July 27, 2015


In our opinion: School libraries need funding, innovation to help turn recent trends

The funding for school libraries has diminished over the years, as has the number of schools overall. Funding, donations and innovations are critical to help school reverse the trend of limited... Read more »

July 27, 2015


Letter: Human body

I believe in the power of choice; everyone has their own opinions and should be allowed to share them. But when it comes to a human life, how is there even more than one option? Read more »

July 27, 2015


My view: Obama has you cornered with K-12 test data

The Race to the Top Initiative created an opportunity for President Barack Obama’s administration to wrest control over K-12 testing — from the international level to the classroom... Read more »

July 27, 2015


Letter: Stuttering role model

Derwin Grey should be commended for choosing an after-football career that involves helping people. He is an example to people who stutter that stuttering should not hinder their pursuit of career goals. Read more »

July 26, 2015


Letter: One-size-fits-all model

Publishers are astute at hedging their bets. They see the Common Core crew’s dream of fully aligned tests rapidly vanishing. Read more »

July 26, 2015


My view: Use of force debate should recognize trauma officers face daily

The national debate on officer-involved shootings lingers in the air like smoke at a crime scene. It is a subject that has been on my mind for more than two decades. Read more »

July 26, 2015


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