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‘Stay strong,’ says 15-year-old survivor of Houston-area shooting

A 15-year-old girl suburban Houston girl who survived an attack in which her parents and four younger siblings were killed says she's on the road to recovery. Read more »

Published July 13, 2014


Grand Canyon crash a game-changer in air travel

In the mid-1950s, air travel was a shadow of the highly advanced operation of checks and rules seen today. The skies were largely uncontrolled, and pilots outside major U.S. cities relied on sight... Read more »

Published July 8, 2014


Bear conflict campaign kicks off with Nevada bear run-ins

For better or worse, Mother Nature helped Nevada wildlife officials kick off a monthlong "bear awareness" campaign this week to combat danger on the roadways around Lake Tahoe and, more... Read more »

Published July 4, 2014


'Bee nerd' hopes rare bumblebee is rebounding in West

For Will Peterman, the first thrill was spotting a rare, Western bumblebee north of Seattle last summer. Read more »

Published June 28, 2014


Federal protection sought for wild horses in West

Despite overall numbers in the tens of thousands, mustang advocates say the wild horse is on the verge of going extinct in North America for the second time in 13,000 years and deserves protection... Read more »

Published June 28, 2014

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Better weather ahead for Navajo Nation wildfire

As summer approaches, relief is in sight for drought-stricken New Mexico and many other parts of the West as Mother Nature appears ready to ease up on her back-to-back blows of stifling heat and... Read more »

Published June 18, 2014


Petition seeks return of grizzly bears to the West, including parts of Utah

An environmental group wants federal wildlife managers to revise a decades-old recovery plan for grizzly bears to ensure the animal's return to more areas of the West. Read more »

Published June 18, 2014


Wyoming, top coal state, studying EPA's proposed CO2 rules

The federal government is now taking comments on proposed rules to cut carbon-dioxide emissions but Wyoming officials aren't rushing ahead to formally weigh in just yet. Read more »

Published June 18, 2014

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Congressmen play chess to raise awareness of game; Republicans win

It's not every day that teenagers get to tell members of Congress how to think, but that's what four young chess champions did Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Read more »

Published June 18, 2014

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New allegations against Warren Jeffs' polygamous sect police

The Arizona attorney general is asking a federal judge to disband the police department in Warren Jeffs' polygamous sect on the Utah-Arizona border. Read more »

Published June 17, 2014


New Mexico fire threatens communities, grazing lands on Navajo Nation

A fire that has forced residents of two Native American communities on the Arizona-New Mexico border from their homes and is threatening the heart of the Navajo Nation's sheep industry is growing... Read more »

Published June 17, 2014


5 entities, including Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, in the running to get Yellowstone bison

Montana wildlife officials on Monday released a short list of five entities that could receive bison from Yellowstone National Park under an experimental program to establish new herds of the animals. Read more »

Published June 16, 2014


Utah tops list of oil, gas wells not inspected by federal officials

Utah has the nation's highest rate of newly drilled oil and gas wells that federal officials deemed a priority but failed to inspect amid a surge in drilling in recent years, according to an... Read more »

Published June 15, 2014


Sen. John McCain pushes plan to manage Grand Canyon bison

Arizona Sen. John McCain is pushing an amendment in Congress that would allow anyone who kills bison at the Grand Canyon to keep the meat. Read more »

Published June 14, 2014

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Update expected on polygamous board

A Utah judge is set to discuss the progress of forming a board that would oversee the redistribution of about 750 homes and parcels of property in Warren Jeffs' polygamous sect on the Utah-Arizona... Read more »

Published June 13, 2014

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EPA promotes global warming proposal to Western governors

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency promoted proposed clean power plant rules to Western governors Tuesday, framing the plan as a way to deal with destructive wildfires and floods that... Read more »

Published June 10, 2014


Travel: Take the train to the Grand Canyon

The drive to the Grand Canyon's South Rim is easy enough. Get to Flagstaff and it's only about 90 miles (145 kilometers) across Arizona's high country. Read more »

Published June 10, 2014


2-year-old from Draper dies after dolphin statue falls on him

San Francisco police say a 6-foot tall dolphin statue outside an art store in the city's Fisherman Wharf area fell and killed a 2-year-old boy visiting from Utah. Read more »

Published June 9, 2014


Salt Lake VA hospital has top 10 longest wait time for new patients

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City has one top 10 longest average wait times in the country for new patients, according to a report released by the Veterans Affairs Department on... Read more »

Published June 9, 2014


BYU students among young filmmakers honored at Student Academy Awards

Fifteen student filmmakers from around the world were honored with Academy Awards on Saturday night in a preview of the showbiz excitement that likely awaits them in the years ahead. Previous... Read more »

Published June 8, 2014


Horse backers seek dismissal of Nevada county suit

Wild horse advocates fighting government roundups across the West are citing past rulings that shot down their own legal challenges in urging a U.S. judge to throw out a lawsuit by livestock... Read more »

Published June 1, 2014


French company to fight ruling, wants Utah couple to pay for critical online review

A Paris-based company says it will fight a U.S. judge's ruling against its attempt to force a Utah couple to pay a $3,500 penalty over a critical online review Read more »

Published May 27, 2014


Nevada ranchers look to Gandhi rather than militiamen in multiday protest ride

Unlike the militiamen who came with weapons to support southern Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in his stand against federal land managers, ranchers in northern Nevada are taking a page out of Gandhi's... Read more »

Published May 25, 2014


Utah lawmaker: Bring back firing squad executions

A Utah lawmaker wants to resurrect firing squads as a method of execution after a botched lethal injection in Oklahoma. Read more »

Published May 17, 2014


Hundreds of new state laws go into effect Tuesday

Most of the bills that Utah legislators passed during their legislative session this year go into effect Tuesday. Under Utah's constitution, new laws go into effect 60 days after the legislative... Read more »

Published May 13, 2014