Greek Coast Guard: 432 people rescued from ferry fire, death toll climbs to 7

Fighting high winds and stormy seas, helicopter rescue crews on Monday evacuated the last of the hundreds of people trapped aboard a Greek ferry that caught fire off Albania. The death toll climbed... Read more »

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8 minutes ago

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Young generation no slouches at volunteering

Tired of hearing people grouse about a tuned-out, apathetic younger generation? Read more »


16 minutes ago

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Meet the 21 Utah ties on the NFL playoff rosters

Here's a look at the 21 players on NFL playoff rosters who have called a Utah team their own during either their college or high school years. Read more »


29 minutes ago

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In crowded skies, lost plane's request for new path denied

The plane sought permission to climb above threatening clouds. Air traffic control couldn't say yes immediately — there was no room. Six other commercial airliners were crowding the... Read more »

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Men choose younger wives in remarriage, but women choose older men the second time around

Couples tend to marry someone close to their age — at least initially. But of those who remarry, men seem drawn to younger women, while women tend to marry older men, a Pew Research Study says. Read more »


3 hours ago


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Heroes 2014: How one college student's battle to help foster kids spawned a national organization

Danny Mendoza wanted to help his cousin, who was living in a car, but he was young and no one would let him get involved. So he created his own program. Together We Rise is now a national nonprofit... Read more »


3 hours ago

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Book review: 'From Saul to Paul' offers new look at New Testament apostle

Author William Victor Blacoe hopes to bring Saul of Tarsus, Saul the Pharisee, Saul the convert, Paul the Apostle and Paul the missionary to life in this new book. Read more »


4 hours ago

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Robert Bennett: Finally, good possibilities with Cuba

The devil is always in the details, but if we act wisely, it is possible that America can use this moment to make good things happen in our relationship with Cuba. Read more »


9 hours ago


Honduras kids see better life on soccer field (+photos)

The project that Luis Lopez created a year ago on a dusty soccer field in a rough neighborhood of Tegucigalpa is doing well. Read more »

Brad Rock: Silence is the wrong approach for Ute controversy

There have been some embarrassing incidents in Utah football history. This ranks among them. Read more »


12 hours ago


Crews spend Sunday searching for missing snowmobiler in Logan Canyon

Rescue crews were looking through fog and snow Sunday for an Arizona man who got separated from his friend while they were snowmobiling in Logan Canyon the day before. Read more »


13 hours ago

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Key developments in disappearance of AirAsia jet

An AirAsia jet with 162 people on board disappeared Sunday while flying from western Indonesia to Singapore on a scheduled two-hour flight. Read more »

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