Man accused of shooting 72-year-old West Valley man released from jail

A man accused of gunning down a 72-year-old man on his West Valley doorstep has been released from jail without being charged. Prosecutors say they didn't have enough evidence to hold him, even... Read more »


7 minutes ago

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College basketball: Utes ranked in preseason AP poll for the first time in 14 years

The Runnin' Utes of Utah made the list, checking in at No. 25. Arizona was No. 2, receiving five first-place votes. No. 3 Wisconsin, with most of its team returning from last year's Final Four run,... Read more »


8 minutes ago

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4 reasons it pays to be thin and assertive, or a man

Gallup recently reported that both men and women believe “fair pay” is the biggest hurdle women face in the workplace. But there’s more to biases in the workplace than just the... Read more »


9 minutes ago

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Liberia opens 1 of largest Ebola treatment centers

Liberia's president opened one of the country's largest Ebola treatment centers in Monrovia on Friday, remembering the days when "the dying, the sick, the dead who could not picked up on time" as... Read more »

U.S. & World

12 minutes ago

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National Edition

Michael and Jenet Erickson: In marriage debate, don't give up the ideal

Our personal experiences have convinced us children need, as much as possible, a father and a mother. There are differences between being raised by a father and a mother or by two fathers or two... Read more »


28 minutes ago


National Edition

Today's must-read faith and family stories

For a couple of months now, we’ve been circulating an internal email to our staff that includes articles from across the Web that cover faith and family-related topics. Read more »

U.S. & World

58 minutes ago

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Wal-Mart vs. Target: Wal-Mart ups ante on holiday shopping

Wal-Mart is doing whatever it takes to rope in holiday shoppers however they want to buy. Read more »

National Edition

Pope Francis: The devil is real and don’t underestimate him

As millions of revelers around the world dress in ghoulish costumes to mark Halloween and the darker side of life, Pope Francis warned that the devil is no myth and must be fought strenuously with... Read more »


3 hours ago


National Edition

Apocalypse Wow: How end times fascination fuels the entertainment industry

Famine, drought, viruses, blood-red moons, a scorched and depopulated Earth — the end of the world as we know it turns out to be a rollicking good time. Read more »


4 hours ago

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Mormon father, son are horror writers

Michael R. Collings and his son, Michaelbrent, are active members of the LDS Church who also happen to be horror writers. And that is not a contradiction. Read more »


5 hours ago

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Plane crashes at Kansas airport, killing 4

A small plane lost power after takeoff and crashed into a flight-training building while trying to return to a Kansas airport Thursday, killing four people, injuring five others and igniting a fire... Read more »

Dating coaches address LDS singles' concerns

Amy Stevens, a professional matchmaker and dating coach, and marriage and family therapist Alisa Snell, were recently featured on Mormon Channel Daily and offered their tips for greater success in... Read more »


11 hours ago


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