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Key facts about Israel and its election system

Answers to key questions about Israel's March 17 general election. Read more »

Published March 17, 2015


Jamaica hopes Jewish tourism can help fading community

It's Saturday morning at Sha'are Shalom, but there aren't enough Jews gathered in the dim light of Jamaica's only synagogue to conduct a formal prayer service. Read more »

Published March 14, 2015


Pope finds popularity and dissent at 2-year mark

Pope Francis marks his second anniversary Friday riding a wave of popularity that has reinvigorated the Catholic Church in ways not seen since the days of St. John Paul II. He's also entering a... Read more »

Published March 12, 2015


Russian priest feels closer to God in serenity of Antarctica

Sophrony Kirilov pulls hard on the strings of the heavy Russian bells from inside the world's southernmost Eastern Orthodox church, calling to Mass anybody wanting to pray on this remote Antarctic... Read more »

Published March 6, 2015


Cardinal Egan, retired NY archbishop, dies at age 82

NEW YORK — Cardinal Edward Egan, the former archbishop of New York who oversaw a broad and sometimes unpopular financial overhaul of the archdiocese and played a prominent role in the city... Read more »

Published March 5, 2015


Venezuela officials detain, free 4 Christian missionaries

Four North Dakota missionaries were released by Venezuelan authorities Saturday after being detained and questioned for several days, a pastor at their church said. Read more »

Published March 1, 2015


Polynesian Cultural Center opens new marketplace

The Polynesian Cultural Center always has been predominantly an all-day attraction with its re-created island villages, buffet and luau offerings, and elaborate evening show. Read more »

Published Feb. 21, 2015


Teacher's liver donation saves life of her pastor's father

At Philadelphia Baptist Church, it is hard at times to say blood runs thicker than water. Read more »

Published Feb. 21, 2015


Rabbi feels at home building bridges at Catholic high school

Even wearing his yarmulke and a visitor's badge, Rabbi Ronald Symons felt at home at the Catholic high school in Coraopolis, near Pittsburgh. And the seniors who filed into religion class were just... Read more »

Published Feb. 17, 2015


Pope to new cardinals: practice compassion, be open to all

Pope Francis on Sunday exhorted 20 new cardinals to reach out to all those who have been shunned, physically or spiritually, by the church or society. Read more »

Published Feb. 15, 2015


US colleges bringing in chaplains to serve the nonbelievers

When Bart Campolo broke with the church almost five years ago, he immediately began to feel something missing. Read more »

Published Feb. 14, 2015


Pope urges cooperation on Vatican reform from cardinals

Pope Francis urged his cardinals Thursday to cooperate in reforming the outdated and dysfunctional Vatican bureaucracy, saying the overhaul will help him govern the Catholic Church better and... Read more »

Published Feb. 12, 2015


Were 3 slain for their religion or their parking space?

Police are trying to determine whether hate played any role in the killing of three Muslims, a crime they said was sparked by a neighbor's long-simmering anger over parking and noise inside their... Read more »

Published Feb. 11, 2015


Indiana business opposes 'religious freedom' law Pence backs

Indiana business differed with Gov. Mike Pence and some clergy Monday on a proposed law that supporters say would protect people and businesses from having to take part in same-sex weddings and... Read more »

Published Feb. 9, 2015


Serra: Saint or sinner? Canonization has foes in California

California's history can't be told without Junipero Serra, the 18th-century Franciscan missionary who introduced Christianity and established settlements as he marched north with Spanish... Read more »

Published Feb. 7, 2015


In unison, Muslim clerics lash out against Islamic State

The immolation of a Jordanian pilot by the Islamic State group has brought a unified outcry Friday from top religious clerics across the Muslim world — including a prominent jihadi preacher... Read more »

Published Feb. 6, 2015


House Speaker John Boehner: Pope Francis to address Congress on Sept. 24

Pope Francis will address a joint meeting of the House and Senate on Sept. 24, becoming the first pontiff to do so, House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday. Read more »

Published Feb. 5, 2015


Obama condemns those who seek to 'hijack religion'

President Barack Obama condemned those who seek to use religion as a rationale for carrying out violence around the world, declaring Thursday that "no god condones terror." Read more »

Published Feb. 5, 2015


Senate backs allowing religion-based hiring by contractors

Religious institutions that receive state and local government contracts would be allowed to make hiring decisions based upon religion under a bill approved Tuesday by the Indiana Senate. Read more »

Published Feb. 3, 2015

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Pope approves martyrdom for slain Salvadoran Romero

Pope Francis decreed Tuesday that slain Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero was killed in 1980 out of hatred for his Catholic faith, approving a martyrdom declaration that sets the stage for his... Read more »

Published Feb. 3, 2015


Photos: Romanian mountain Ice Church draws all types of Christians

High on a remote mountain in Romania, priests have blessed a church made entirely from ice, outstanding both for its architectural style as well as being a place for religious tolerance. Read more »

Published Feb. 1, 2015


US support for satirizing religion breaks along racial lines, Pew survey finds

To the issues dividing Americans by race, add the publication of satirical cartoons about religion. Read more »

Published Jan. 30, 2015


Amnesty: Saudis postpone blogger's flogging for 3rd week

Authorities in Saudi Arabia delayed the planned flogging of a blogger convicted of insulting Islam for a third straight week Friday in the face of growing international pressure against the punishment, according to rights group... Read more »

Published Jan. 30, 2015


Portugal approves citizenship plan for Sephardic Jews

Portugal's government on Thursday approved a law granting citizenship rights to the descendants of Jews it persecuted 500 years ago, following Spain's adoption of similar legislation last year. Read more »

Published Jan. 29, 2015

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Obama promotes religious tolerance in India speech

President Barack Obama gently nudged India Tuesday to fulfill its constitution's pledge to uphold the "dignity of the individual," drawing on his own experience as a minority in the United States... Read more »

Published Jan. 26, 2015