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Pope prays at Armenia memorial after denouncing 'genocide'

Pope Francis heads to Armenia's genocide memorial for a prayer service, fresh from his ad-libbed declaration that the Ottoman-era massacre of Armenians a century ago was a planned "genocide." Read more »

Published 51 minutes ago


1st edition Book of Mormon sells for $52,500 at NYC auction

A first edition of The Book of Mormon printed in the upstate New York town linked to Joseph Smith's establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has sold at auction for more... Read more »

Published yesterday


Responding to Trump, Clinton says he has 'no answers'

Hillary Clinton pushed back against Donald Trump's questions about her religion and her competence Wednesday, casting him as a candidate with not much else to say about how he'd lead the nation. Read more »

Published June 22, 2016


Police interviewing some of the 12 girls found in man's home

When police showed up at Lee Kaplan's home in the Philadelphia suburbs last week, they found a dozen girls living there, the eldest of whom was an 18-year-old who authorities say had been "gifted"... Read more »

Published June 20, 2016


World Orthodox leaders meet despite Russia's absence

The leaders of the world's Orthodox Christian churches have gathered on the Greek island of Crete for a landmark meeting, despite a boycott by the Russian church — the most populous in a... Read more »

Published June 19, 2016


Egyptian court sentences 2 Al-Jazeera employees to death

An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced six people, including two Al-Jazeera employees, to death for allegedly passing documents related to national security to Qatar and the Doha-based TV network... Read more »

Published June 18, 2016

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CIA director: US hasn't been able to curb IS global reach

The U.S. battle against the Islamic State has not yet curbed the group's global reach and as pressure mounts on the extremists in Iraq and Syria, they are expected to plot more attacks on the West... Read more »

Published June 16, 2016


Bulgarian church says it won't attend Orthodox synod

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church on Friday pulled out of a meeting due later this month that is meant to bring together leaders of all the world's Orthodox churches for the first time in more than a... Read more »

Published June 10, 2016


Ali remembered in prayer as an icon who pushed for unity

Thousands of fans, dignitaries and faithful from across the globe filled a Kentucky arena Thursday to honor Muhammad Ali at a traditional Muslim prayer service where he was remembered as a global... Read more »

Published June 9, 2016


Guam Catholics devastated by accusations, but resilient in their faith

Members of the Catholic church in Guam are reacting with devastation to the accusations that Archbishop Anthony Apuron sexually abused young boys decades ago, but they're saying they're still... Read more »

Published June 9, 2016


US Muslims draw inspiration from Ali's fight for his faith

Even in his final months, Muhammad Ali was speaking out on behalf of Islam, the religion he so famously embraced in the 1960s by changing his name and refusing to fight in the Vietnam War. Read more »

Published June 5, 2016


Polygamous towns oppose bid to disband police department

Two polygamous towns on the Arizona-Utah line are vigorously opposing a bid to disband their shared police department as a way to remedy religious-based discrimination against nonbelievers, saying... Read more »

Published June 1, 2016


Parishioners hold last service at church after 11-year vigil

For more than 11 years, a core group of about 100 die-hard parishioners of St. Frances X. Cabrini Church kept their beloved parish open by maintaining an around-the-clock vigil in a peaceful... Read more »

Published May 29, 2016


Text of Obama's speech at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

President Barack Obama's remarks Friday at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park about the U.S. atomic bombing, the legacy of World War II and nuclear weapons, as delivered: Read more »

Published May 27, 2016


Church slaying families accept pursuit of death penalty

The husband of a woman gunned down at a historic black church in Charleston with eight other people said Wednesday he won't be at peace until the man charged in the slayings is put to death. Read more »

Published May 25, 2016


Pope embraces Al-Azhar imam in sign of renewed relations

Pope Francis on Monday embraced the grand imam of Al-Azhar, the prestigious Sunni Muslim center of learning, in a sign that a five-year suspension of important Catholic-Muslim ties was over. Read more »

Published May 23, 2016

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Methodists trying to avoid church split over gay rights

ing to avoid a split over gay rights, the top policy-making body of the United Methodist Church on Wednesday narrowly approved a full review of all church law on sexuality, amid an emotional... Read more »

Published May 18, 2016


International Modest Fashion Week takes off in Turkey

Spring colors, breezy fabrics, high necklines and long hemlines: The International Modest Fashion Week opened Friday in Istanbul as Turkey sought to be seen as a creative hotspot for conservative... Read more »

Published May 13, 2016


Egypt court recommends death for 2 Al-Jazeera employees

An Egyptian court on Saturday recommended the death sentence against six people, including two Al-Jazeera employees, for allegedly passing documents related to national security to Qatar and the... Read more »

Published May 7, 2016


In Minnesota, 100s take opportunity to sue over sex abuse

It's been nearly three years since Minnesota opened a path for lawsuits by victims of long-ago childhood sexual abuse. Read more »

Published May 7, 2016


London's new Muslim mayor vows to be leader for everyone

Sadiq Khan has a simple, striking message for Londoners: He'll be a mayor for people of all faiths and none. Read more »

Published May 7, 2016


'Holy Fire,' fireworks: Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter

With "Holy Fire," fireworks and solemn Masses, Orthodox Christians around the world celebrated Easter on Sunday, commemorating the day followers believe that Jesus was resurrected more than 2,000... Read more »

Published May 1, 2016


For Hillary Clinton, church offers a trusted comfort zone

Sunday mornings at Baptist churches fall right into Hillary Clinton's comfort zone. Read more »

Published April 24, 2016


Muslims for Trump, though few, see past rhetoric, bluster

As a Donald Trump supporter, Nedal Tamer feel he's in the minority among Muslim-Americans, comfortable with his choice yet somewhat confounded that he doesn't have more company. Read more »

Published April 24, 2016


Obama says US has 'momentum' in fight against Islamic State

President Barack Obama says the U.S. and its partners have the momentum in the fight against the Islamic State group and intend to keep it. Read more »

Published April 13, 2016