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Mormon Pioneers' Deseret Alphabet is over 150 years old
A phonetic system created more than 150 years ago to simplify English words, the Deseret Alphabet is alive and well, reported Atlas Obscura.
Provided by Lex Brinton
50 states, 5 summers, 7 kids: LDS couple carries on tradition of family travel
Growing up, Lex Brinton's family traveled to 50 states within five summers, traveling with all seven children. Sometimes they got lost, other times they forgot their tent. Every time they made memories and documented their experiences.
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Is the English Book of Mormon written in Joseph Smith's language?
A newly published study argues that Joseph Smith's language in 1832 is demonstrably distinct from the language of the 1830 Book of Mormon, suggesting that he received its text from outside himself and that he wasn't its author.