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Courtesy of the Don Taylor family, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, BYU
Remembering LDS chaplains from World War II for their service
Latter-day Saint chaplains have played a special role in helping soldiers and their families cope with death and other aspects of war. In commemoration of Memorial Day, we remember these chaplains for their honorable service in military history.
Kirsty Wigglesworth, Associated Press
Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: Finding hope in the scriptures after Manchester
I have faith that a glorious reunion can await all of us — through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ — with our loved ones, after we go home to our Father in Heaven to be safe once and for all, encircled in the arms of his love.
William Hamblin
Nazareth's 'Synagogue Church' where Jesus may have worshipped
Thanks to recent archaeological research, we are learning more about the village of Nazareth in the time of Jesus. It's even possible, though not proven, that his boyhood home has been found. Has the synagogue in which he preached been located?