Kevin Stankiewicz, The Lantern/Handout, via USA Today
Accused Ohio State attacker reportedly posted rant online
An Ohio State University student who may have been upset about treatment of Muslims in the world has been identified as the suspect behind the gruesome attack Monday (Nov. 28) on the school’s campus.
Ruhiyeh Thabet al-Sakkaf
Yemen’s Baha’is keep the faith amid conflict and crackdown
For 11 days in August, Ruhiyeh Thabet al-Sakkaf and Nafheh Sanai al-Sakkaf say they were forced to share a jacket and a damp cell at Yemen’s National Security Bureau after armed officers stormed a multifaith youth event.
Nick Ut, Associated Press
Law enforcement condemns letters threatening Muslims
Law enforcement officials condemned a hate-filled letter Monday directed at several California mosques.