2010 Utah Primary election

U.S. House of Representatives District 2

Election date: Monday, Sept. 20, 2010


Claudia Wright

Democratic party

Website www.utcitizenscandidate.org
Email cwright122@msn.com

» Other candidate for this office: Jim Matheson

Candidate survey

Why do you think delegates at the state Democratic convention advanced you to a primary? What do they expect you to stand for as a candidate?


I believe they see me as a true Democrat and believe I can and will serve the District better than Mr Matheson has. I cannot expect to assume their thinking. I can only say that I will stand for true democratic principles and continue to keep in contact with them and serve their interests.

What should voters know about your background? How have your personal/professional experiences prepared you to serve in the House?


My extensive experience as teacher and my knowledge in American history allows me to have a good grasp of issues and solutions. I also listen to all sides and develop my responses based on careful study and weighing of all sides and the wishes of my constituents.

Under what circumstances would you support the resumption of nuclear testing?


The only form of testing I would ever endorse would be virtual testing. I would NOT, under any circumstances support above ground, under ground, under water or any other type of physical testing.

Do you support or oppose Utah lawmakers who are considering passing anti-illegal immigration laws, including one similar to Arizona's, because they don't want to wait any longer for the federal government to act? Why or why not?


I believe we need a comprehensive, humane immigration policy. I do not support the type of bill now in place in Arizona. Make no mistake, I understand the frustration with this issue and I believe this is the purview of the Federal Government and must be addressed. I have been working with local Hispanic leaders to draft a fair and balanced approach that does not include profiling.

What action should Congress be taking to deal with the continued effects of the recession? What steps should be taken to alleviate the national debt?


We need to invest in our future through development of sustainable jobs and clean energy products. Below are some points I have developed to address this important issue.

a) stop spending on corporate subsidies; start investing in jobs.

b) stop spending through the back door for military spending and invest in infrastructure.

c) stop spending on individual energy projects rather than investing in a philosophy of clean energy (correcting market failures of the existing energy industry.)

Should more offshore oil drilling be allowed in light of the BP spill? How do you envision energy development going forward?


I believe we need to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels and move those jobs into renewable energy so we, again, invest in our future and get off of our dependence on oil. As for a moritorium on drilling, we must consider the impact on the employment in those states that have become dependent on those jobs and prosceed with deliberate and cautious programs to address these issues. I would call for more strigent and enforceable safety regulations for any and all drilling that would have an impact on our enviorment.

Would you support a House-passed bill that would ban importing foreign low-level radioactive waste? Such importation has been proposed by EnergySolutions.


Yes I would, in addition, I would move to force states to keep their own waste on site and would work to prevent ANY nuclear waste from coming into Utah.

What action, if any, should the House take on such gay rights issues as the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy or moves to allow gay marriage?


I believe DADT is an outdated and an unacceptible law that must be removed. The fact that some of out most trusted allies recognize the right of every citizen to serve in the military, proves that this is an isuue who's time has passed.

The constitution states that "All men have the the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". I believe in equality for all as the forefathers stated, and that includes marriage for all.

What is your position on federal health care reform?


I believe that the current bill needs to be stronger. I would have voted in favor of it and then worked to improve it.I see no reason to not have a single payer as we now have with Medicare and will work to make sure every American has access to affordable health care.

How would you reform entitlement spending? Specifically, would your plans include eliminating and/or cutting Social Security? Would it eliminate or cut Medicare?


I would not agree to eliminating SS or making it private as some have suggested. Imagine what would have happened to our seniors if SS had be private during the economic disaster of the Bush administration. Our dependent citizens would have been devestated.

The term "entitlement" covers many areas of the federal budget. I believe, as the president does, that we need to look at waste, efficiency and earmarks as we look at reining in the deficit and spending.

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