Mountains High: Utah abounds with high peaks in all counties

Published: Wednesday, April 6 2005 12:53 p.m. MDT

*Wasatch Peak is not officially named but is a benchmark listed on maps.

**There are 14 unnamed peaks over 13,000 feet above sea level in the Uinta Mountains. That number may vary, depending on the definition of a summit or peak.

***Squaw Peak is not officially named but is a benchmark listed on maps. (The "Squaw" name has also fallen out of favor in recent years among committees on U.S. place names because of its derogatory slant toward Native American women.)

• Tallest 20 Utah peaks with names and NOT located in the Uinta Mountains:

1. Mount Peale, La Sal Mountains, San Juan County, 12,721.

2. Mount Mellenthin, La Sal Mountains, San Juan County, 12,645.

3. Mount Tukuhnikivatz, La Sal Mountains, San Juan County, 12,482.

4. Mount Waas, Grand County, 12,331.

5. Manns Peak, Grand County, 12,272.

6. Mount Tomasaki, La Sal Mountains, Grand County, 12,239.

7. Delano Peak, Beaver and Piute counties, 12,169.

8. Mount Belknap (or "Belnap"), Beaver and Piute counties, 12,137.

9. Mount Baldy, Beaver and Piute counties, 12,122.

10. Ibapah Peak, Juab County, 12,087.

11. Haystack Peak, Juab County, 12,020

12. Mount Holly, Beaver and Piute counties, 11,985.

13. Ibapah Azimuth, Juab County, 11,987.

14. Mount Nebo North Peak, Utah and Juab counties, 11,928.

15. Mount Nebo South Peak, Utah and Juab counties, 11,877.

16. Mount Nebo Middle Peak, Utah and Juab counties, 11,824.

17. South Mountain, San Juan County, 11,817.

18. Mount Brigham, Piute County, 11,757.

19. Mount Timpanogos North Peak, Utah County, 11,750.

20. "Mount Timpanogos South Peak," Utah County 11,722.

• Utah's five most significant mountain ranges:

1. Uintas, high point is 3,528 feet above sea level.

2. La Sal Mountains, 12,721-foot high point.

3. Tushar Mountains, 12,173-foot high point.

4. Deep Creek Mountains, 12,087-foot high point.

5. Wasatch Mountains, 11,928-foot high point.

Tallest peak in each of the 29 counties:

Beaver: *Delano Peak, 12,169.

Box Elder: "Bull Mountain," 9,931 or 9,934.

Cache: Naomi Peak, 9,979.

Carbon: Monument Peak, 10,452.

Daggett *"Eccentric" benchmark, 12,276.

Davis: *Thurston Peak ("North Francis"), 9,706.

Duchesne: Kings Peak, 13,528.

Emery: East Mountain, 10,743.

Garfield: Mount Ellen, 11,522.

Grand: Mount Waas, 12,331.

Iron: Brian Head, 11,307.

Juab: Ibapah Peak, 12,087.

Kane: **Andy Nelson Peak, 10,027.

Millard: Mine Camp Peak, 10,222.

Morgan : *Thurston Peak, 9,706.

Piute: Delano Peak, 12,169.

Rich: Bridger Peak, also called Swan Peak, north ridge, 9,255.