Lamb's is turning 96, and still cooking
Transplanted Californian Francis Liong is determined to lead Utah's oldest restaurant to its 100th birthday. Read more»
Sunday, Feb. 1 2015 7:13 p.m. MST
Private sector could lead the charge in improving Utah’s air quality
Tier 3 vehicles and fuel could decrease Utah’s pollution by 40 percent. Tier 3 vehicles are $87 more expensive; Tier 3 fuel is only 1-4 cents more per gallon. Nothing else we Read more»
Monday, Feb. 9 2015 6:05 p.m. MST


Orem family finds countless benefits in running together
Sasha and Sarah Pachev introduce their children to running when they are toddlers. They believe it not only teaches them focus and discipline, it also helps them find ways past frustration Read more»
Monday, Feb. 9 2015 11:50 p.m. MST
Utah Jazz ruin groove of Golden State rising star Klay Thompson
Golden State's Klay Thompson can't duplicate the night that made history. The Jazz deserve some credit in preventing that. Read more»
Friday, Jan. 30 2015 10:40 p.m. MST
BYU hoops should start employing the Kresimir Cosic card by recruiting in Europe
For decades, BYU basketball has almost ignored perhaps a potential recruiting edge in Europe. The Cougars should utilize the fame of former legend Kresimir Cosic and recruit European Read more»
Wednesday, Jan. 28 2015 7:00 p.m. MST
NFL's nightmare season will mercifully end with the Super Bowl
The 2014 season has delivered more dirt than a day with the Kardashians, beginning with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and ending with "Deflategate," which has inspired more talk than Read more»
Wednesday, Jan. 28 2015 11:20 a.m. MST
Why integrity in sports matters
The joy of sports really shouldn't be about rings and trophies. It's about the hard work and perseverance of the athletes that draws me to the drama on the field, rink or ring. Read more»
Sunday, Feb. 1 2015 6:00 p.m. MST
Ogden High trying to tackle tough issues facing football program's future
Ogden High's football program has fallen on awfully tough times over the last couple of decades and, faced with the prospect of playing in a juggernaut 4A region next year, is contemplating Read more»
Sunday, Feb. 8 2015 12:08 a.m. MST


Investments can provide passive income
Passive income is pretty simple; it’s income off of investments. In other words, it’s money you set aside that makes you money. There’s not any other income that is Read more»
Tuesday, Feb. 3 2015 12:00 a.m. MST
Survey: Utah residents are least 'emotionally recharged'
Little things in life often leave me stressed. But some news that popped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago has helped lower my stress levels. That's because a new survey seems to Read more»
Thursday, Feb. 5 2015 12:47 a.m. MST


Today, anti-Semitism has returned to Europe
On the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz, mourning dead Jews is easy. ... Want to truly honor the dead? Show solidarity with the living — Israel and its 6 million Jews. Make "never Read more»
Sunday, Feb. 1 2015 12:11 a.m. MST
Predictions for the 2015 legislative session
Here are my predictions for the Utah 2015 legislative session. Keep in mind that I think this is what will happen, not necessarily what should happen. Read more»
Thursday, Jan. 29 2015 12:00 a.m. MST
Politics are heating up in Utah and Washington
The Utah Legislature begins its 45-day session tomorrow. Will this session have an overriding theme? And anything in President Obama’s State of the Union speech last Tuesday of Read more»
Friday, Jan. 30 2015 11:10 a.m. MST
National business should be conducted like recent baseball business
A look at Bud Selig's winning legacy as baseball's commissioner, and how his work should be mirrored toward the nation's other businesses. Read more»
Wednesday, Jan. 28 2015 11:38 p.m. MST
In fight over school funding, don't eliminate choices
The need for more money should not come at the expense of things that are improving education in Utah. Read more»
Thursday, Jan. 29 2015 8:55 a.m. MST
Businesses can become schools by linking workplace learning with classwork learning
Businesses should take the initiative and get together with educators and share how businesses can tie in workplace learning with classwork learning. That investment may yield the greatest Read more»
Saturday, Jan. 31 2015 8:28 a.m. MST
The private sector: India's next change
The private sector of the economy is an important component in helping individuals climb out of poverty. Read more»
Monday, Feb. 2 2015 7:30 a.m. MST
Seeking a vaccine for ignorance
The conflict between individual rights and the greater good is a fundamental argument in a democracy, the success of which relies upon an educated rather than only radio-informed citizenry, Read more»
Tuesday, Feb. 3 2015 10:18 p.m. MST
Children choose a path, but parents are the trailhead
Parenting creates echoes: Children use us as role models or choose to reject what we've done. Sometimes they default into our patterns because it's the only course they've seen. Read more»
Tuesday, Feb. 3 2015 12:20 a.m. MST
Gay rights, religious rights can share common ground
Religious rights and gay rights can co-exist if society is willing to accept the fact that the public square is for all. Here are three reasons the LGBT community should support religious Read more»
Wednesday, Feb. 4 2015 12:15 a.m. MST
Cut Hollywood some slack when it comes to 'political' bio-pics
"American Sniper" and "Selma" should be given credit for doing a much more respectable job in handling the political issues surrounding them than most Hollywood ventures. Read more»
Monday, Feb. 2 2015 12:00 a.m. MST
UN attempts to reform the world economies
The nations of the world gather to prepare the post-2015 agenda, including a "radical reform of our economies." Read more»
Wednesday, Jan. 28 2015 12:07 p.m. MST


Do I need to tell my new girlfriend I was engaged before?
A reader asks Angela if he needs to disclose certain information about his previous relationships. Angela answers. Read more»
Monday, Feb. 2 2015 5:00 a.m. MST
Rethinking materialism in science
Must science be materialistic? Is the mind completely reducible to the brain? Many reputable scientists don't think so, and some have recently spoken out on the subject. Read more»
Thursday, Jan. 29 2015 11:16 p.m. MST
Former LDS missionary asks forgiveness from Texas town
Dr. Kim Roberts of Salt Lake City and Robert Hanna of Denison, Texas, have never met. They’ve never chatted on the phone nor exchanged an email. Instead, they’re linked Read more»
Wednesday, Feb. 11 2015 2:00 a.m. MST
I'm a terrible home teacher, give me 4 more families
When it comes to home teaching, I’m usually the guy they make jokes about. I’m the guy who doesn’t home teach in October or December because I feel funny showing Read more»
Wednesday, Feb. 18 2015 10:40 a.m. MST
'Unbroken' and the Savior's capacity to heal
The core of "Unbroken," by Laura Hillenbrand, was the transformation in Louis Zamperini's life as he experienced the healing power of Jesus Christ's Atonement. The movie briefly mentions Read more»
Sunday, Feb. 1 2015 5:00 a.m. MST
What happened to the brothers of the Prophet Joseph Smith?
Joseph Smith Jr. had five brothers who lived to adulthood and each made a contribution to the work, and each had a unique relationship with their prophet-brother. What was each one Read more»
Sunday, Feb. 22 2015 5:00 a.m. MST


'The Boy Next Door' ventures into sleazy, slasher territory
Jenifer Lopez is really getting this role down from “Enough” and “An Unfinished Life,” to the new film “The Boy Next Door,” her characters take a Read more»
Thursday, Jan. 29 2015 11:00 p.m. MST
102-year-old 'post' puts social media in new — old — light
I have a love/hate relationship with social media — but I found something that made me feel a little less guilty about sharing snippets of my life on the Internet. Read more»
Tuesday, Feb. 3 2015 5:00 p.m. MST
A letter to the cool moms
It's probably time I make some more apologies to explain my appearance and behavior at the morning preschool drop-off. Read more»
Monday, Feb. 2 2015 1:10 p.m. MST
Bringing home measles instead of Mickey Mouse ears
Measles is a potentially fatal viral infection. It is not what most visitors to Disneyland expect to bring home. Mouse ears and tired feet are the usual fruits of the "happiest place Read more»
Monday, Feb. 16 2015 4:00 p.m. MST
Why you don't want your marriage to be conflict-free
There are three kinds of marriage that are completely conflict-free, and you wouldn't want any of them. Read more»
Wednesday, Jan. 28 2015 8:00 a.m. MST
Whether from the head or the heart, love rules the universe
The head or the heart? Who cares? We can be the most ordinary people in the world, but when we become “the wonder of the world” to someone special, well, there’s just Read more»
Thursday, Feb. 5 2015 12:45 a.m. MST
Ridiculous sleep apnea machine alienates wife, brings peace
If you know someone who voluntarily uses a sleep apnea machine, it can be baffling. If you use one yourself, you understand. Read more»
Friday, Jan. 30 2015 5:10 p.m. MST
Valentine's Day, Valentine play
More than a day for fancy cards and roses, Valentine’s Day reminds us that love extends beyond a single act. Read more»
Wednesday, Feb. 11 2015 5:00 a.m. MST