Charles Sorenson is president, CEO and ... surgeon
Dr. Charles Sorenson has led Intermountain Healthcare as its president and CEO for years, but through it all he has continued to perform surgery, his first love. Read more»
Monday, Aug. 29 2016 7:45 p.m. MDT
Meet Utah's Wright Bros.
Identical twins Mike and Mark Patey support each other in all they do, including setting records flying the airplanes they design and build. Read more»
Sunday, Sept. 4 2016 8:05 p.m. MDT


Don't worry, SUU, Utes know about lack of respect
Kyle Whittingham says no one knows how good a team is until games are played. Sometimes "big" losses or wins fluctuate in importance as season goes on. Read more»
Tuesday, Aug. 30 2016 6:25 p.m. MDT
The rookies: Kalani Sitake anxious and excited to begin new era with his coordinators
They've never had titles like this before, but in their first game week, BYU head coach Kalani Sitake and coordinators Ty Detmer and Ilaisa Tuiaki can't wait to mow down game week and Read more»
Monday, Aug. 29 2016 6:30 p.m. MDT
Why you should try a group fitness class
While the kids are getting ready to go back to school, this is a great time for adults to go back to class, too. Here are a few reasons why you should give group fitness classes a Read more»
Sunday, Sept. 4 2016 7:05 p.m. MDT
Graciousness was always Arnie’s hallmark
There will never be another Arnold Palmer. He always exhibited graciousness. Read more»
Monday, Sept. 26 2016 9:35 p.m. MDT
Several questions arise as NFL season gets under way
To football fans across the globe, the opening Sunday of the NFL regular season is like Christmas morning. And this year it falls on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, making Read more»
Saturday, Sept. 10 2016 11:46 p.m. MDT


Paying cash doesn't make it smart
I wouldn’t buy a tiny house at all. Paying cash for something like that might make the mover smarter, but that still doesn’t mean it’s a smart choice. Read more»
Tuesday, Aug. 30 2016 3:26 p.m. MDT
Turning around the struggling trend of U.S. entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is good for business, good for labor and good for society. Read more»
Monday, Aug. 29 2016 9:15 p.m. MDT


The only immigration solution
The one great service of Donald Trump's extended peregrinations on immigration policy is to have demonstrated how, in the end, there's only one place to go. Read more»
Monday, Sept. 5 2016 1:50 p.m. MDT
EpiPen’s public relations charade
EpiPen's Heather Bresch's “Squawk Box” interview was a charade and nothing more. She has no intention whatsoever to reform the health care system or to curb skyrocketing Read more»
Thursday, Sept. 1 2016 12:00 a.m. MDT
Opening the debates up to Gary Johnson and Bill Weld
As I’ve had a chance to work with Gary Johnson and Bill Weld over the past several months, I’ve observed Gary's humility and frugality, and how well-suited his character Read more»
Friday, Sept. 16 2016 11:55 a.m. MDT
Interpreting the campaign incongruities
This has been one of the strangest elections in decades. Therefore, as a public service to voters, we provide a primer to help you interpret campaign incongruities. Read more»
Sunday, Sept. 4 2016 12:00 a.m. MDT
A 'slush fund' by any other name
Because truth in labeling laws are among the laws from which Washington feels exempt, the titles of congressional legislation often take liberties with the facts. The Stop Settlement Read more»
Thursday, Sept. 1 2016 12:00 a.m. MDT
Football's death toll hasn't changed much in 110 years
After more than a century, football is as ingrained in U.S. culture as the patina on an old copper dome. What we need, in Utah and elsewhere, is to change the culture so players are Read more»
Wednesday, Aug. 31 2016 12:00 a.m. MDT
65 and still alive! Interesting welcoming banner
“Sixty-five and still alive!” That was the welcoming banner to my South High School 65th class reunion last month. Read more»
Saturday, Sept. 3 2016 12:10 a.m. MDT
The best of times and the worst of times
Sometimes it seems to me that our country has not progressed at all in this decade. Have we given up on each other? Taken steps backwards? Read more»
Tuesday, Aug. 30 2016 12:10 a.m. MDT
Using separatism will gain fewer votes for Trump
"The blacks" is such an odd way of referring to any group of people (the Asians, the whites, the Latinos) precisely because it does what it shouldn't. "The," as Trump uses it, effectively Read more»
Monday, Sept. 5 2016 1:30 p.m. MDT
100 deadliest days are over, but that leaves another 265 until next Memorial Day rolls around
The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day has been called the "100 deadliest days," but the danger doesn't pass with Labor Day. In the north, winter is fraught with delight and Read more»
Wednesday, Sept. 7 2016 12:00 a.m. MDT
Don't vote for Supreme Court justice
If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be able to nominate, but she won’t be able to automatically appoint. If Republicans retain control of the Senate, they will reject a nominee Read more»
Wednesday, Aug. 31 2016 12:10 a.m. MDT


My relationship isn't working; should I try harder?
This reader wonders if her relationship isn't working, or if she just needs to try harder. Asks Angela for advice. Read more»
Monday, Aug. 29 2016 5:00 a.m. MDT
Are the New Testament documents reliable?
The documents of the New Testament are early and have a much stronger manuscript foundation than the texts from which we understand the history of ancient Greece and Rome. Read more»
Thursday, Sept. 1 2016 5:00 a.m. MDT
Why I'm relishing the newborn chaos
I had forgotten the constancy of a newborn baby. These little ones come into your life and take over time and space. And now that I’m back in baby mode, all I can think is, “Oh, Read more»
Monday, Aug. 29 2016 5:00 a.m. MDT
Why many evangelicals have turned to Trump
This last spring when many evangelicals flocked to Donald Trump, the thrice-married casino king, and left Ted Cruz — one of their own — twisting in the wind, other voters Read more»
Saturday, Sept. 10 2016 5:00 a.m. MDT
The need to reach out, share the gospel and preach repentance
Frequently in scripture the Lord commissions his disciples to preach repentance. What does the Lord mean and what is our duty in this regard as members of his church? Read more»
Friday, Sept. 2 2016 5:00 a.m. MDT
Falling in step with autumn
More than January, September is a time of new beginnings, of pencil shavings and pink erasers. Read more»
Wednesday, Sept. 7 2016 5:00 a.m. MDT


Gene Wilder was a comic genius of the first rank
Gene Wilder never thought of himself as a comedian but he was a comic genius on the movie screen. Read more»
Tuesday, Aug. 30 2016 2:41 p.m. MDT
Did I get my love of poetry from you, grandma?
If my grandmother Fleeta were alive today, I would ask her who wrote that poem, "To my son," and why she hung it on her wall. In the meantime, I have a poem of my own, and I know exactly Read more»
Tuesday, Aug. 30 2016 10:55 a.m. MDT
Top parenting ideas, No. 10 — A secret code for better family communication
All parents know how important communication and discipline are within their family, but few seem to manage the clear, calm effectiveness they desire. Read more»
Tuesday, Sept. 6 2016 4:35 p.m. MDT