Big-time golf in little ol' Monticello
At Monticello, the town links lure golfers from near and far. Read more»
Sunday, April 26 2015 7:34 p.m. MDT


Emery High track star Allred overcomes injury, shuns regret, seeks greater goals
Ashlynn Allred gave up the other sports she loved in hopes of becoming even better at running sprints. Instead of pushing herself through a tough indoor season, she was sidelined with Read more»
Sunday, May 10 2015 5:30 p.m. MDT
Utah's Kyle Whittingham just glad to get back to football
Spring game was short on numbers but sameness was something the team needed after off-season drama. Read more»
Sunday, April 26 2015 9:59 a.m. MDT
For former BYU player Reno Mahe, it's never too late to earn coveted college degree
While graduating from college might be routine for some, for many NFL players, it takes a lot of focus and effort to return to school and earn a degree. At BYU, it happened with Jim Read more»
Thursday, April 23 2015 8:00 a.m. MDT
End of an era — the last of the Fighting Fullmers
The passing of former middleweight champion Gene Fullmer (aka "The Mormon Mauler") marks the passing of a golden era in Utah sports and boxing. Read more»
Wednesday, April 29 2015 11:45 p.m. MDT
Setting the example for our children
If we want our children to make certain choices, we have to be willing to make them ourselves. We set the example for others to follow. Read more»
Sunday, April 26 2015 7:30 p.m. MDT
Utah, BYU not getting a lot of love in Sporting News' preseason issue
The Utah and BYU football teams are not expected to make much of a national splash, according to the Sporting News college football preseason issue. Read more»
Sunday, May 17 2015 7:15 p.m. MDT
Brady's role in 'Deflategate' could cast shadow on his career
The ongoing saga "Deflategate" won't go away. Patriots star QB Tom Brady insists he did nothing wrong and has threatened to sue the NFL if he's suspended. But his alleged role in the Read more»
Sunday, May 17 2015 3:56 p.m. MDT


Don't be ashamed of financial success
You guys are under no obligation to explain your income, net worth or the fact that you’re winning. And you’re not obligated to be ashamed of it either. Read more»
Thursday, April 23 2015 7:59 p.m. MDT
Son's comment teaches a work-life lesson
A comment my son made on a recent hectic Saturday morning hit hard, and it's encouraged me to try to be a more engaged parent. If I succeed, it should make the "life" part of my work-life Read more»
Wednesday, April 22 2015 8:48 p.m. MDT
A cure for the 'tapeworm of the economy'?
Predictive analytics and preventive medicine are transforming health care in the United States to be more affordable and more effective, allowing U.S. health care costs to decrease Read more»
Tuesday, April 28 2015 7:00 a.m. MDT
eBay exile is small price to pay to be the proud owner of the holy grail of briefcases
I don't know who Jeffrey Benjamin is. No one does. But I own part of his famous "desktop collection," and it has changed my life. Read more»
Sunday, May 3 2015 7:56 p.m. MDT


Men wielding power in hellish times
"Wolf Hall," the Man Booker Prize-winning historical novel about the court of Henry VIII — and most dramatically, the conflict between Thomas Cromwell and Sir Thomas More — Read more»
Friday, May 1 2015 7:43 p.m. MDT
U.S-Iran negotiations are showing us diplomacy in the Twitter age
In the past, political leaders could thump their chests and spin any negotiated deal in the best light possible for their varying political regimes. Now, the ubiquity of social media, Read more»
Thursday, April 23 2015 10:46 a.m. MDT
Can the Supreme Court find compromise on same-sex marriage?
Could the Supreme Court reaffirm the rights of states to define marriage while still requiring states to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states? Why this politically Read more»
Monday, April 27 2015 10:35 p.m. MDT
We can't help but revel in the politico buzz
Last week, Utahns witnessed intra-party dynamics on both edges of the Utah political spectrum — from the Salt Lake City mayoral race to the Republican Party leadership. Politicos Read more»
Sunday, April 26 2015 12:00 a.m. MDT
U.S. silence troubling amid worldwide trend of religious persecution
What remains to be seen is whether our collective efforts to never forget the Holocaust translate into a recognition of similar things happening today. Read more»
Thursday, April 23 2015 12:08 a.m. MDT
Teach our children the love of learning
If we want an education system that cultivates innovation, then we must create a culture where teachers are encouraged to be innovative and free to excite their students to be constant Read more»
Saturday, April 25 2015 12:05 a.m. MDT
Can people be trained to be compassionate?
Compassion, often reckoned to be the “highest personal virtue,” is held to embody the very essence of humanity. Read more»
Monday, April 27 2015 7:30 a.m. MDT
Billionaire backers bring trouble for candidates, parties and campaigns
There's nothing free about paid-for elections — unless everybody knows where the money came from. In post-reform America, too many are still giving large donations — but Read more»
Wednesday, April 22 2015 9:07 p.m. MDT
If rioters sincerely want change, they need to stand down now
Baltimore's recent story is at least three separate tales. But the time has come to focus on justice, which will not be possible unless things start to settle down. Read more»
Tuesday, May 5 2015 12:00 a.m. MDT
A historic moment for social policy as U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on same-sex marriage bans
The Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding the constitutionality of state bans on same-sex marriage. Never before has the Supreme Court dealt directly with this issue of whether Read more»
Wednesday, April 22 2015 8:52 p.m. MDT


Warfare and the Book of Mormon
The basic principles of warfare haven't changed in thousands of years. So what can the study of military history tell us about the plausibility of the Book of Mormon? Read more»
Friday, April 24 2015 12:25 a.m. MDT
Founding member of SEAL Team Six shares journey to LDS Church
Frank Phillips was a founding member of one of the United States military’s closest, most elite families: the Navy’s SEAL Team Six. During his 16 years as a SEAL, Phillips Read more»
Wednesday, April 29 2015 11:55 a.m. MDT
Most Mormons have a 'collage' education
For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, organizing and creating are often one and the same. We cut and paste, trim and sort. We love to gather, arrange and display. Read more»
Wednesday, April 29 2015 4:10 p.m. MDT
7 kids, 7 missions, one college, no debt
Their track record of hard-work, service and cheerful well-being is what makes this family stand out. Read more»
Thursday, May 7 2015 10:27 a.m. MDT


Cursing in ‘Avengers 2’ and other shows kids watch is no joke
There’s a running gag in the “Avengers” sequel about profanity, and it’s pretty funny until it ends on an obvious and unfortunate note. Read more»
Thursday, May 7 2015 6:35 p.m. MDT
Doug's take: 'Monkey Kingdom' is fun, visual and does some good
How could I possibly resist? A film titled “Monkey Kingdom” with opening scenes featuring a multitude of monkeys frolicking to “Hey, Hey We’re the Monkees," Read more»
Friday, April 24 2015 12:43 a.m. MDT
Are trampolines too dangerous for backyards?
If we ban everything that might be risky for our children, how much will be left? Read more»
Wednesday, April 22 2015 11:54 a.m. MDT
A different view of the parable of the talents
"Talent" as a noun is an excuse. If you don't think you have it, you don’t have to try. ... However, what if we changed the word "talent" to mean "practice"? Read more»
Thursday, April 30 2015 6:56 p.m. MDT
Good cliches for getting older
There are a lot of rather insulting phrases or cliches that get used in a miserable attempt to describe what it is like to get a little older. We need to examine and redefine a bunch Read more»
Tuesday, April 28 2015 5:54 p.m. MDT
Wiring your brain for happiness
Springtime always brings a lift to our spirits, but if that isn’t enough to drag you out of the doldrums, keep reading. Even if you’re over-the-moon happy it may be worth Read more»
Thursday, May 7 2015 12:53 p.m. MDT
6 things my mother never taught me
While growing up and eventually becoming a mother of five, I've recognized many things that, thankfully, my mother never taught me. Read more»
Sunday, May 10 2015 11:30 a.m. MDT