Retirement assets are making a comeback; savers see investment payoffs

Retirement assets in 2013 were the highest on record, an indication that savers see investment improvements.

Obamacare may not be as expensive as we thought

According to the CBO, the net cost of the Affordable Care Act is projected to be cost $5 billion less in 2014 than originally projected. Read more »

8 hours ago


J&J Q1 net up 8 percent on sales jump, lower costs

Johnson & Johnson says its first-quarter profit rose 8 percent, because of restrained costs and a big jump in prescription drug sales. The world's biggest maker of health care products easily... Read more »

April 15, 2014


Retirement assets are making a comeback

Retirement assets at the end of 2013 were the highest on record, a strong indication that many savers have seen their investment accounts bounce back from the financial crisis of 2008 when the... Read more »

April 14, 2014


Savers beware: Fees may be shrinking your 401(k)

It's the silent enemy in our retirement accounts: High fees. Read more »

April 11, 2014


5 smart ways to use your tax refund

So you're getting a tax refund? What are you going to do with it? What should you do with it? Here are five smart ways you can use your refund. Read more »

April 7, 2014


Why the 1 percent don't feel rich

While it may seem easy to be 1 percenter, it's actually not the life of the rich and famous you'd think. Read more »

April 6, 2014


Mozilla CEO resigns. But was he right about religion in the workplace?

National Edition

Religion in the workplace is being brought up in multiple ways in recent months, from Mozilla to Hobby Lobby. But should religious beliefs be left at the door? Read more »

April 3, 2014


How poverty is a moral issue

People may be trying to help the poor. But are they considering the rights of the impoverished? Read more »

April 3, 2014


Wealth inequality is quickly growing

A recent Slate article looked at wealth inequality and how fast it might actually be growing in the United States. Read more »

April 3, 2014


Expensive tax mistakes to avoid

Tax season is in full swing. Thanks to tax preparation software, a lot of the common mistakes (i.e., missing Social Security numbers) are now automatically detected. Still, they are only capable of... Read more »

April 2, 2014

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Greece to get next bailout loans by end of month

Greece will start receiving its next 8.3 billion euros ($11.4 billion) in bailout loans at the end of the month, eurozone finance ministers said Tuesday, citing progress after "many painful years"... Read more »

April 1, 2014


US auto sales expected to rise 2 percent in March

Chrysler's U.S. sales jumped 13 percent in March, helped by strong demand for the new Jeep Cherokee and the Ram pickup. Read more »

April 1, 2014


$1 trillion student loan debt widens US wealth gap

Every month that Gregory Zbylut pays $1,300 toward his law school loans is another month of not qualifying for a decent mortgage. Read more »

March 28, 2014


Million jars of peanut butter dumped in New Mexico

Nearly a million jars of peanut butter are being dumped at a New Mexico landfill to expedite the sale of a bankrupt peanut-processing plant that was at the heart of a 2012 salmonella outbreak and... Read more »

March 28, 2014

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BlackBerry revenue falls below a $1 billion

BlackBerry reported a steep drop in profit and revenue Friday as it transitions from a smartphone company to a software business under its new chief executive. Shares rose five percent in morning... Read more »

March 28, 2014


9 ways to spot — and avoid — a shady student loan 'debt relief' agency

Student loan "debt relief" scams abound. But how can a borrower avoid falling prey to them? Look out for these nine red flags to spot these agencies — and steer clear of them. Read more »

March 27, 2014


What the business industry can learn from basketball

Basketball is taking a new strategy, and it may be something businesses can learn from. Read more »

March 27, 2014


World Bank warns of risks for Russia's economy

The World Bank warned Wednesday that Russia's economy could contract this year if the country is hit with more serious sanctions following its annexation of Crimea. Read more »

March 26, 2014


Testers say federal health care website runs slow

If you're waiting until the last minute to sign up for coverage under President Barack Obama's health care law, a little extra patience might come in handy. Read more »

March 26, 2014


Randy Shumway: Can tax reform jump-start our economy?

Lawmakers should take seriously the imperative of de-cluttering the tax code. If such an overhaul could make our tax code fairer, simpler and less prescriptive in terms of how and where people... Read more »

March 25, 2014


What other states can learn from Utah, Mormon culture

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is encouraging people to learn multiple languages and help diversify the country. Read more »

March 22, 2014


Overtime and minimum wage: Different names for the same debate

A presidential memorandum signed on March 12 by President Barack Obama has directed the Labor Department to restructure who is and is not eligible for overtime pay. Read more »

March 20, 2014


Official numbers on student debt don't tell the whole story

Official numbers put student loan delinquency at around 11.5 percent. A closer look says it is much worse. Read more »

March 20, 2014


What seniors need to consider at tax time

Jerry sits near the door at the last stop for retirees and others who are receiving free tax help one cold, but sunny March day at Warren, Mich., City Hall. He makes sure the tax filers authorize... Read more »

March 17, 2014

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New Zealand raises interest rate to 2.75 percent

In another sign the world economy is finally picking up steam after five years of recession and anemic growth, New Zealand on Thursday embarked on a series of interest rate hikes. Read more »

March 13, 2014


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