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We expect our criminal justice system to be open, fair, transparent and accountable to the public. However, over the years it appears it has become encrusted with more regulations, procedures designed more to p...
The nature of crime has changed. Today, it is more violent and unpredictable, making it more dangerous for police than in the past.
For too long, Latinos have been ignored. It’s time the next governor appoint Latinos to his administration. To do less is to dampen the American dream.
We must not let fearmongers exploit our moment of agony; rather, we must remember we are Americans, who pull together in tough times. What we need now are leaders who will call upon the best of us and sacrifice...
Little attention has been given to a finding that 40 percent of those who graduate from Utah teacher colleges never enter the profession, and that another 40 percent leave the profession after five years.
While money is important, the reality is public education’s governance structure has no accountability and no vision, and it's one in which no one is in charge, neither the governor, state school board or...
Keeping our governmental institutions responsive to current needs is a difficult challenge. This year we have the opportunity to elect leaders who will renew our governmental institutions and breathe new life a...
Neither of the Republican candidates for governor seem to articulate the broader problems facing our state: how technology, globalization and demographics have disrupted our institutions, such as education.
Until parents and taxpayers elect leaders who understand our world, have a vision and provide a new organizational structure for public education, our children will continue to have a second-class education.
Take the time to celebrate the uniqueness of who you are, because it is only you who can define who you are, nobody else.