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This week, Salt Lake City had a changing of the guard. A new mayor was elected who was labeled as not having the experience or leadership to run the city. By all measures, it looks like we have a leader.
Beneath the veneer of Salt Lake City’s shiny buildings and newly painted bike paths are the forgotten among us who suffer from life’s blows. The greatest medicine is to give them hope and have expec...
I want to pay tribute to all the candidates who were willing to put themselves out there, to risk the scrutiny, criticism as well as the joy in wanting to improve our community.
The Guadalupe School started out as a dream and now has earned numerous awards in helping improve the lives of families and children through education.
Why did it take over two years for Salt Lake City to provide relief for three female police officers’ complaints of sexual harassment?
Utah’s productivity requires healthy workers.
Looks like Utah lawmakers have run out of excuses in denying health care for the poor. Legislators have misread the patience of our people as ignorance and weakness.
Elected local board member’s loyalty is to the taxpayer and not the bureaucracy. The passage of HB250 clarifies the responsibilities of local school board members.
Next time you meet someone, give them the greatest gift you can give anyone — just listen. It’s an expression of love.
Forgotten are the “nuts and bolts” priorities Salt Lake City Council members said residents wanted — to improve public safety, municipal services, street lighting and streets and to fix an ag...