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The first thing businesses ought to do is lobby to restructure the management structure of Utah public education so that it provides clear delineation of authority between the governor, Legislature, state schoo...
Many convicted felons have a history of psychological evaluations and treatment. The greatest challenge for judicial reform will be the retraining of staff so they embrace the new culture of helping offenders s...
Openness and accountability from our lawmakers have become the rallying cry of the people, who simply want to know that the process is fair.
The education retooling strategy is a win-win that reduces needless conflict, promotes accountability and creates schools for the digital economy.
I don't understand why the Utah Legislature is now raising the tax on gasoline, even though lawmakers keep on adding to their rainy day fund.
Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. Now, our legislators want to spend $14 million of our tax dollars on a deal they admit is a gamble. They think it’s OK — it’s not the...
New Year's is a good time to reflect and count our blessings. The traditions our parents may have passed on to us make us realize the blessings we have.
Rather than turning inward, Americans have always reached out to those in need. And while Americans may not re-enact Las Posadas at this time of the year, our feelings are seen in our love and caring for all.
Take time to continue traditions or to start new ones.
My wish for all in this season of giving is that we could experience the joy my mother had, cooking over a hot coal stove, making frijoles and tortillas out of her railroad car to give to those in need.