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How about parents and teachers running their own schools? Schools where local people have actual control that prepare students to thrive in a new world.
It looks like legislators have turned public education into a house of cards ready to collapse from too many needless laws piled on a shaky foundation.
We need a state school board that is elected by the voters who have the public’s interest and the future of our students as their focus, without being encumbered with political ties.
The main problem is that politicians seem to have now compromised UTA’s original mission — moving people — and allowed it to become more of a private developer’s organization instead of ...
The state school board needs to have a vision established before — not after — selecting a new superintendent.
It’s parents' right to know their child is safe at school, and it’s the school board's responsibility to take safety seriously as well as the reporting of incidents and protections.
The governor and legislators take pride in touting Utah as the best-managed state in the union, at least when it comes to promoting business development; but it may be at the expense of the general public’...
It starts with each of us renewing and committing ourselves to the pledge we once made when we were in grade school; as we did, we stood a little taller, a little prouder that we were “one nation, indivis...
Unless we elect leaders who can lead, give us hope and unite us instead of divide us, we will continue to become a second-class state. Anything less is a recipe for failure.
Now the governor wants another committee to study academic standards — and that is not his responsibility. It makes Utah’s leaders appear to lack confidence and explains why public education is in c...