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"Emma's future is unknown, an empty canvas. I want to paint it with love and hope and not bitterness and fear. I love this girl so much, and wherever I go I will proudly say ‘She's With Me.’”
The musical "Into the Woods," playing at Hale Center Theater in Orem, is mixed with the need we all have for guidance and friendship.
Children are born to you with ideas in their heads and genes in their bodies to help mold their life. For their parents, the best part of Jimmer's and Steve's success has been their desire to help children with...
As I stood to salute the flag in celebration of the Fourth of July with my hand over my heart, all I could feel was gratitude for my posterity, and also for the freedoms we enjoy.
Whether we had parents who did their jobs well or not, each person has a choice about the kind of parent they want to be. No parent is ever perfect — but we can find the joy that comes with trying.
David Bradford wrote, “What did cause me to wait more than normal? Was it just chance? Was I daydreaming at the wheel? Or was there a higher power involved? Do I have a guardian angel that was looking out...
An awareness of the hard work our ancestors put into living can help us try harder to be people they would be proud of knowing. We have the capacity to build on their dreams.
Springtime always brings a lift to our spirits, but if that isn’t enough to drag you out of the doldrums, keep reading. Even if you’re over-the-moon happy it may be worth your while, since we can ne...
Grit and I, and many of our friends, often comment how we are glad not to be rearing children in this day and age. Our hope is our children are still better equipped to deal with what is facing their children.
I get a lot of questions on how I feel about the concussion issue in football, about letting kids play sports and whether I worry about my family. Believe me, I worry. But then I heard Colin Cowherd talk about ...