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Cathy Free has written her "Free Lunch" column for the Deseret News since 1999, believing that everyone has a story worth telling. A longtime correspondent for People Magazine, she has also worked as a contributing editor for Reader's Digest.

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If “Prepare for the end of the world” is written down in your day planner for Dec. 21, here’s a bit of advice from Peggy Cain: Don’t mention it to the Mayans. They think we’ve gone...
If there is anything tackier than a Christmas sweater festooned with everything from light-up snowmen to “seven swans a-swimming,” then Miaken Christensen is determined to find it.
From "National Velvet” to the “National Enquirer,” there is something for everyone at Club Vision, a social group for the visually impaired that is one of the oldest organizations in Utah.
A Herriman family has opened their hearts — and home — to seven special-needs children from China. Now friends are chipping in to build them the home of their dreams.
No wonder David Campbell was exhausted when he climbed into bed. One night, he was running a bath for his two giggling toddlers and the next he was kneeling over the bathtub with a sponge to clean his elderly f...
No doubt there were a few raised eyebrows in 1942 when newly enlisted Navy sailors showed up for machine gun training and discovered that their instructor, Ruth Klein, wore high heels with her dress blues.
Ever since age 6, when he plunged his hands into a bowlful of cold spaghetti “brains” at a neighborhood spook alley, the “Wolfman of Springville” has had a thing for Halloween.
An extraordinary bond with birds helps Drue Sheffield, a teenager with special needs, soar in life.
She's a Republican and he's a Democrat. Although they could find plenty to argue about, Curtis and Jill Haring say their marriage comes first.
More than four years have passed since her good friend was found murdered — an only daughter gone at age 7, a lifetime too soon.