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The film featuring Jennifer Lawrence’s latest Oscar-nominated role, “Joy,” is on Blu-ray and DVD, and a new commemorative edition of “American Sniper” is on Blu-ray.
Two Carol Burnett TV specials make their DVD debut this week, along with the first season of “Angie Tribeca” and “Cop Rock,” a 1990 musical police procedural
In an era when three “Hobbit” movies can show up in theaters three years in a row, it’s surprising to see sequels arriving a decade or two after the first film.
Three Bob Hope Christmas specials that took the comedian to war zones, and two popular action series of the 1950s have been released on DVD this week.
We all know that May Day was May 1, but did you know that it was also World Laughter Day? Or that National Paper Airplane Day is May 26? It seems that just about every day of the year has been made into a holid...
The final “Forbidden Hollywood” collection of pre-Code movies debuts on DVD this week, along with Blu-ray anniversary reissues of “Independence Day” and “Top Gun.”
The second seasons of New Zealand’s “The Brokenwood Mysteries” and the post-apocalyptic series “The Last Ship” are on home video this week.
The sci-fi thriller “The 5th Wave” is on Blu-ray and DVD this week, along with a Holocaust-related character drama, the latest from Nicholas Sparks and a strange horror flick.
Asking a critic to name his favorite movie is like asking him to name his favorite child. There’s no safe response.
The entire series of the popular TV Land sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” is now available in a DVD box set.