Jerry Earl Johnston
Jerry Earl Johnston is a former Deseret News staffer who currently freelances columns for Mormon Times and the Faith page. Hes from Brigham City, Utah, where he and wife Carol still live. They have a blended family of five kids and 14 grandchildren. While at the News, Jerry worked in sports, features, on city desk and was editor of the Religion section. He has been a columnist for the paper for more than 30 years. He has a Masters Degree in Spanish from the University of New Mexico and is the author of five books. He served an LDS mission to Bolivia.

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Film critics tend to take a dim view of “message movies,” especially when the message concerns religion, repentance and such. And a similar thing has happened with "War Room."
The common touch is like a sense of humor. You have it or you don’t. And pretending to have it makes matters worse. That common touch may be a reason the Savior chose fishermen instead of Pharisees to fol...
If you’re ever in Seattle, and if you’re ever down on Broadway for a stroll, stroll into the little Quest Bookshop. It’s small but pressure packed.
I have to believe there’s still a place in the handcart company for guys like me, the guy who looks back with longing. I'm the guy who remembers things — things others have forgotten. And I remember...
Today we celebrate Peach Days in Brigham City. Our legendary Fruit Way will be “moving a lot of product” today. And my 66 years have taught me that fruit and people have a lot in common.
Something about seeing special souls stays with a person forever. And I would love to see Pope Francis, the man who, like a spiritual Hercules, is lifting the entire Catholic Church. Perhaps one day I will.
Last weekend, my wife and I went to see “Once I Was a Beehive,” a coming-of-age comedy that’s all the “buzz.” I was expecting a salt-of-the-earth conversion story. What I got was a...
The ovation went on and on.Michael Ballam had just sung “The Impossible Dream” from Utah Festival Opera’s “Man of La Mancha” and — true to form — he refused to break ...
Pahrump, Nevada, sits in the doorway to Death Valley. And the town has been known to hit 117 degrees in the shade during the summer.But right now I’m in a Pahrump parking lot thinking about Christmas.
What got me through my latest ordeal were all the people who wouldn’t let me droop. I was determined to feel morose, but they wouldn’t hear of it.