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Brad Rock, a.k.a. "Rockmonster," has been a sports columnist at the Deseret News since 1994. Prior to that he worked as a beat writer, covering the Utah Jazz (1990-94). He has covered the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, NBA Finals, world title fights and the Olympics. Rock's career began at the Gallup (NM) Independent. He has won dozens of local and national writing awards and has authored three books. His experience includes writing articles for numerous national publications, as well as syndicated radio advertising copy. He has also taught sports writing for five years on the major university level.

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No one on the team seems too worried about fact a non-sports magazine dismissed them as a non-factor.
But former coach Frank Layden says Darryl Dawkins was more than that, even though he played just four games in Utah. He was a "tough guy."
The big hurdle now is to get past Boise State and into a New Year's bowl. That's a big hurdle, but not bigger than fighting their way back from the brink of extinction.
Also, so much for the bond between ex-Utes. With friends like this...
RSL owner Dell Loy Hansen has a Yankee kind of feel about the way he's running (some say, ruining) the franchise. That's not all bad.
Relationship has seldom if ever been smooth between sports figures and the media. Utah AD calling the media self-serving is just a blip on the radar.
Also, Utah State is drawing a record number of ticket buyers, but the media lags behind.
Motivational slogans might be all that's left as playoff streak is likely to end at seven.
Sophomore defensive back recalls living through Hurricane Katrina, now lives for his kids.
After saving injury-plagued season, Chuckie Keeton's backup says he can wait until needed again.