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Brad Rock, a.k.a. "Rockmonster," has been a sports columnist at the Deseret News since 1994. Prior to that he worked as a beat writer, covering the Utah Jazz (1990-94). He has covered the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, NBA Finals, world title fights and the Olympics. Rock's career began at the Gallup (NM) Independent. He has won dozens of local and national writing awards and has authored three books. His experience includes writing articles for numerous national publications, as well as syndicated radio advertising copy. He has also taught sports writing for five years on the major university level.

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Also, maybe there should be more honor code action taken against BYU.Just sayin'.
Utah coach Kyle Whittingham says the Utes' 42-point win didn't answer all the questions. That happens when playing Big Sky teams.
For the first time in 71 years, Utah plays neither BYU or Utah State. However, that doesn't mean the schedule won't be interesting.
Football is a 24-7 proposition for the sports-oriented family of former Ute player Sharrieff Shah Sr.
Also, how excited is Utah coach Kyle Whittingham to get going? It's something to see.
Despite toughest schedule ever, added depth, experience and skill position players make Morgan Scalley think the Utes' bowl drought is about to end.
Former Jazz coach says retiring Dick Bavetta "stood the test of time."
In honesty, if not for NCAA rules, college athletics would be overrun by rogues. But as with most bureaucracies, the rules take on their own life.
The first rule is keep the team rules; the second is to be upfront when you don't.
Also, Kyle Whittingham searches high and low to find talent for the Utes.