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Dr. Chase Peterson leaves a legacy of being interested in everyone and everything — and encouraging one and all to expand their minds.
Val Hale has been athletic director at BYU and a vice president at UVU; now the governor has appointed him head of the state's economic development department.
The International Peace Gardens Festival has promoted peace every year since 1947, where attendance has steadily dwindled.
Chad Midgley, founder and owner of Chad's Produce, is living the American dream: doing what he loves and making a living at it.
For 59 years and counting, Gary Graham has made the Utah State Fair his office.
Daynes Music started in business the day John and Joseph Daynes rolled their handcart into the Salt Lake Valley in 1862. They've been at it ever since -- the state's oldest family-owned business.
With the start today of its 126th school year, Utah State University introduces a new program aimed at helping the intellectually disabled enjoy a mainstream college experience.
Acclaimed Utah artist Valoy Eaton is painting through his grief after the death of his wife Ellie after 58 years of marriage.
Marc Amicone, general manager of the Salt Lake Bees, was there when Larry H. Miller first dreamed of buying a professional baseball team.
A cleaner, friendlier Utah Lake also boasts a public marina at the state park in Provo.