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Freelance writer Scott Schulte asked his boyhood hero Dan Gable if he could write his life story. Gable said yes, and a dream job was born.
KÜhl outdoor clothing is a Utah original that hasn't forgotten its roots.
Hundreds of antique vehicles alongside 27 bluegrass bands — that's the third annual Wallsburg Music Festival/Richard Erickson Antique Power Show.
NFL football star Haloti Ngata pays tribute to his late mother, Ofa, by funding the college exam prep classes she got started when he was in high school.
Jeremy Shaw, park manager at Antelope Island State Park, knew what he wanted to do when he was 10 years old, and now he's doing it.
Ryan Tibbitts remembered as a man who "lived life about as well as it can be lived."
After stepping down as CEO of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, Greg Miller has returned to his roots: the car business.
Utah native Melanie Grass Chowgule, now a resident of India, has discovered that throwing a Frisbee is a universal language.
In record time, chef Matt Lake transformed one restaurant into another, with spectacular results.
On the eve of her last day at William Penn Elementary, sixth-grade teacher extraordinaire Toni Cook got a big thank-you from all 15 of the Fetzer kids she taught through the years.