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Pat is a veteran police and courts reporter for the Deseret News and KSL and has covered some of the biggest stories in Utah for the past two decades. He is a graduate of Michigan State University with a BA in journalism.

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Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker responded Sunday night to a pending sexual harassment civil rights lawsuit expected to be filed in the near future by three veteran police officers against the city.
Three current and former veteran female officers of the Salt Lake City Police Department claim they were sexually harassed by a superior officer.
As one person noted on Twitter Friday, "I see more green today than I ever did on St. Patrick's Day. Proud Warrior. Proud Husky. Proud Utahn."
A 23-year-old Utah State University Ph.D. student from Maryland died after a rock climbing accident in Green Canyon.
A Price woman killed when the turbulance from a passing semitrailer caused her to lose control of her motorycle and crash has been identified.
Students at Hillcrest High School on Thursday mourned the loss of two students who were killed in a car crash Wednesday night.
A man who prosecutors say threatened to kill his girlfriend by driving his car into a house was charged Thursday for severely beating the woman and driving into a tree.
A man who allegedly hired another man to kill his daughter's boyfriend was prepared to pay him $5,000, according to newly released court documents.
A man who allegedly drove off while another man was on the hood of his car, causing the man to fall off and subsequently die from his injuries, was charged Wednesday with automobile homicide.
A clinical social worker who called his boss two days after allegedly raping a 16-year-old female client to confess, has now voluntarily surrendered his professional license.