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Brad Rock, a.k.a. "Rockmonster," has been a sports columnist at the Deseret News since 1994. Prior to that he worked as a beat writer, covering the Utah Jazz (1990-94). He has covered the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, NBA Finals, world title fights and the Olympics. Rock's career began at the Gallup (NM) Independent. He has won dozens of local and national writing awards and has authored three books. His experience includes writing articles for numerous national publications, as well as syndicated radio advertising copy. He has also taught sports writing for five years on the major university level.

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Four-year starters can discourage recruits, but if the team is good enough, the program sells itself.
Though Utah beat Minnesota three of four times last season, the hiring of a new coach and general manager makes the Timberwolves one team that could leapfrog past the Jazz into the playoffs.
Also, both Utah and USC are upwardly mobile ... one apparently more than the other.
First-year defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley comes from a long line of successful predecessors — not to mention the Kyle Whittingham coaching tree.
It's not Kobe-style domination, but it's not uninteresting, either. Sports in Utah right now are good but not great. Is that a bad thing?
Pressed for time but dying for a BYU football fix? The solution could be near where you live.
Also, Lakers already find a replacement for Kobe!
Leaving star players home to await playoffs is unfair to fans. Time for a less-is-more approach.
With the 2015-16 season over, the Utah Jazz players returned home on Thursday to clean out their lockers, talk to the coaches and talk to the media. Here's a look at each player's contract status and outlook on...
Neither Dante Exum nor his coach is making brash predictions. But it's clear the Australian guard is anxious to "take the next step."