Lois M. Collins
Lois M. Collins is a reporter and columnist for the Deseret News. While she writes primarily on family issues for the national and news sections, she also writes a biweekly column and her work appears often in the feature section. Collins spent most of her childhood in Idaho Falls and graduated a long time ago from the University of Utah with a degree in communications. She's won numerous national, regional and local writing awards, but is most proud of the fact she once stepped out of a perfectly good airplane in midair for a story. She and her husband, Beaux, have two nearly grown daughters and live in Salt Lake City. She uses her middle initial because there are a LOT of Lois Collinses out there.

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Parents concerned about what's in the products they buy for their families and the effects they might have just got a boost from a major retailer.
When Save the Children compared child well-being in 19 wealthy countries, American kids came in at the middle of the pack.
Oregon State University and Stanford University teamed up with a group of Girl Scouts to show that when children learn about a certain subject, parents are likely to emulate their changed behavior.
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A pair of algorithm lovers believe that math theory — think "37 Percent Rule" — identifies the ideal marriage age.
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