Lois M. Collins
Lois M. Collins is a reporter and columnist for the Deseret News. While she writes primarily on health and family issues for the national and news sections, she also writes a biweekly column and her work appears often in the feature section. Collins spent most of her childhood in Idaho Falls and graduated a long time ago from the University of Utah with a degree in communications. She's won numerous national, regional and local writing awards, but is most proud of the fact she once stepped out of a perfectly good airplane in midair for a story. She and her husband, Beaux, have two "tween" daughters and live in Salt Lake City. She uses her middle initial because there are a LOT of Lois Collinses out there.

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The American family has become less stable because of two forces that are battering its once-stable foundations. That doesn't mean either factor is bad, but the combination can seriously shake things up.
Experts on family often express a wishlist for what children should learn. It includes topics like media literacy, relationship IQ and emotional intelligence.
The annual reckoning on childhood wellbeing by the Annie E. Casey Foundation finds a mixed bag for Utah, which is up to No. 11 from No. 14.
The new Kids Count report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation — the 25th — finds a mixed bag of progress and lost ground when it comes to childhood wellbeing.
Kozo Hattori tells the Good Men Project that he's committing his life to a social experiment: He's going to raise boys to be, first and foremost, compassionate.
Jibo is a robot with a role in the family, his creators say. This 11-inch tall helper can take messages, call for takeout, and read to the kids when mom and dad are beat after a hard day.
A survey of older adults found they have some regrets, but believe younger adults can learn from what they didn't do exactly right.
The best strategy for dealing with what might be early warning signs of domestic violence? An exit strategy and the will to live it.
How to help young widows — even just what to say — in the face of such a loss is a challenge to those who love and long to comfort someone. Most people have no idea how to approach the topic of an u...
A recent Gallup poll finds that although they miss how they looked when they were younger, seniors are more likely to feel confident about their looks.