Jerry Earl Johnston
Jerry Earl Johnston is a former Deseret News staffer who currently freelances columns for Mormon Times and the Faith page. Hes from Brigham City, Utah, where he and wife Carol still live. They have a blended family of five kids and 14 grandchildren. While at the News, Jerry worked in sports, features, on city desk and was editor of the Religion section. He has been a columnist for the paper for more than 30 years. He has a Masters Degree in Spanish from the University of New Mexico and is the author of five books. He served an LDS mission to Bolivia.

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Pope Francis is a leader with a gift for sounding themes that hover near the heart of all religions — themes such as sharing, patience, goodwill and fixing your eye on the divine.
Robert M. Cundick, a human whirlwind in LDS music, passed away earlier this month. And as I read the various tributes and elegies, each seemed to choose a different highlight from his life.
As I write this, we are about to take down our Christmas tree. We usually leave it up until the week of Jan. 6. That’s Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas. It’s the day when the wise men supposedly ...
The highway that leads to the LDS Tijuana Mexico Temple has a no-nonsense name. It’s called “La Via Rapida” — The Fast Way. Dozens of intriguing sights flash by as you drive The Fast Way...
In this holiday season, a time of goodwill and giving, I’ve been thinking about self-interest. We all like a payday. For some, a payday means a boost in the bank account. For others, it’s a boost in...
Some Christians bristle when they see “Christmas” written as “Xmas.” And I can understand why. It’s an example of “Christ” being literally removed from Christmas.
So often authors, playwrights and journalists get everything right about a religion, except the essence of the religion. Having been both a journalist and believer, I've seen it many times.
Having now read “The Oxford Handbook of Mormonism,” I can say that any church big enough for Darius Gray, Terryl Givens, Claudia Bushman and other authors here is big enough for me.
I celebrated a birthday on Dec. 3. And, down the years, I’ve found that I share my day with some pretty interesting souls.
In Box Elder County, you hear troubled kids talk about avoiding “juvie.” Juvie is the juvenile justice facility in North Ogden. It’s the foyer, so to speak, of the criminal justice system.