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During his working years, Ted Jacobsen dreamed of having a trout stream all to himself.
World-renowned artist Galina Perova made her way from Russia to Salt Lake City in a most circuitous way.
Writer Michael De Groote and historical researcher Ronald Fox have put together two books honoring the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence.
Through a book, a movie and 11 years of dogged pursuit, private investigator Sam Brower refuses to let FLDS leader and convicted felon Warren Jeffs out of his sights.
In Moab, Scott Anderson has made a business out of recycling mother nature.
In 1990, against thought-to-be-impossible odds, eight Mormon missionaries fled a civil war in Liberia and lived to tell about it.
Hollow Mountain Service is the world's only gas station hollowed out of a mountain.
Dunford Bakers' chocolate-iced doughnut is the treat that keeps on treating.
After all he's seen in his decades in politics, Kim Burningham has a lot to say about the status quo.
At Monticello, the town links lure golfers from near and far.