Natalie Gochnour
Natalie Gochnour is an associate dean in the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah and chief economist for the Salt Lake Chamber.

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Gov. Gary Herbert and the Legislature deserve praise for managing state finances admirably during the Great Recession. Now we need to stop shifting monies and make the difficult decisions that lie ahead.
We should all — men and women alike — be asking ourselves, what is it going to take to elevate the stature of a woman’s voice in this state? What do we need to do right now to benefit from the...
News of another national monument by presidential fiat should send shivers down Utahns’ spines, not because these lands aren’t worthy of protection, but because people, particularly those closest to...
I’m confident Gov. Herbert, should he decide to run again, would continue to do a great job. I also think Gail Miller possesses many of the attributes we value in our elected leaders.
My request is that new homebuyers take a step back and consider the options. Square footage isn’t the best measure of life quality. Don’t overlook the benefits of living modestly. If you invest in a...
Utah’s colleges and universities will graduate approximately 41,000 Utahns this year. Among the many words of wisdom shared during commencement speeches, I hope human kindness will make a big showing.
I made up a new word that characterizes the economy in Utah. I like to think of Utahns as Prospertarians. Taken from the root word prosperity, Prospertarians are people who experience remarkable economic succes...
When it comes to representative democracy, the job is never done. The baton is now in the hands of Utah voters. It’s time to show up or this major policy battle will have been for naught.
The motor fuel tax is a user fee. Unlike most government services, transportation is metered at every pump. We can match supply with demand and realize all sorts of benefits in the process.
Twelve years ago today the Olympic torch was making its way to Utah. This was Utah’s Olympic moment and it was powerful.