A. Scott Anderson
A. Scott Anderson is CEO and president of Zions Bank.

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In the six years since Dodd-Frank was passed, banks and regulators have implemented the rules and learned how to comply with them. Banks of all sizes have made significant changes to strengthen the financial sy...
The scope and diversity of the student ideas were amazing.
Almost 260,000 small businesses exist in Utah, employing more than 520,000 citizens, representing about 47 percent of Utah’s workforce. Small businesses created 20,228 net new jobs in 2015.
Sen. Bob Bennett’s passing truly does diminish us all. We should honor his legacy by following his example of service, of walking humbly, of loving mercy, of doing justly. That surely is enough.
Thankfully, Utah has a long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the focus continues.
Utah leaders identified the top projects and issues that will most positively impact the state over the next five to 10 years if we accomplish them, or most negatively impact the state if we don’t.
An analysis of the 63 cities surveyed clearly indicates that cities with both an NBA franchise and a 52-week symphony enjoy significantly better cap rates than other locations.
I want to thank Utah’s 104 citizen legislators for their good work and wish them well as they return to jobs and normal routines. One of the strengths of Utah’s lawmaking body is that its members ar...
The Holdings have been loyal to thousands of employees, and their employees have been loyal in return, many of them spending their entire careers with Sinclair.
I agree with the 14 religious leaders who said in their letter to legislative leadership, "we are united in our belief that it is imperative for our state to take action on this issue this year."