A. Scott Anderson
A. Scott Anderson is CEO and president of Zions Bank.

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Thanks to Envision Utah, we know how to make Utah’s future bright. Now we need policymakers to make the vision a reality.
In this age of prosperity, basic human needs exist that society should help with, including access to a good education, enough food to sustain life and low-cost, high-quality health care.
As the Fed continues the process of normalizing interest rates, we should remember that rising rates are a sign of economic strength and long-term stability.
As we celebrate Christmas today, it’s worth contemplating how the basic values taught by Jesus and found in every world religion are essential for our country to flourish.
One of the main priorities of government is to pass a budget to fund the nation's military, social services and other programs. Congress has been dysfunctional, but now is the time for both parties to work toge...
As we enter the winter season with its nasty weather inversions, we all need to be concerned about Utah’s air quality. It is a health issue, a quality of life issue and an economic development issue.
Utah citizens and their representatives in the Legislature recognize the importance of education and that it must be improved and funded adequately.
To ensure a successful, collaborative community with vibrant arts and cultural, charitable and other community programs, the business community needs to engage in corporate philanthropy and community involvemen...
Most of us are quite vigilant in preventing physical harm to ourselves and our families. But we aren’t adequately safeguarding our security. The crooks behind cybercrime never take a day off. We must be e...
Our people are Utah's secret sauce for success, and quality education for our young people is the key to Utah's future success.