A. Scott Anderson
A. Scott Anderson is CEO and president of Zions Bank.

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Utah leads the nation in a number of economic measures and quality of life. But the one area where we don’t excel, where we struggle, is the one that matters the most — the education of our young pe...
As Utahns, our blessings are bountiful this Thanksgiving season. In our busy lives, we take many of these things for granted. I believe we all share the benefits of living in Utah.
With the exception of the presidency, Republicans are now in firm control. A new political era now begins, with important new opportunities both in the nation and in Utah. I’m excited to see what progress...
Recent in-depth research by pollster Dan Jones & Associates for the Sandy Chamber of Commerce found disconnects between the skill levels of graduating college students and the skills employers want in employees...
If we don’t vote, we have no right to complain about government. Let’s do our duty and vote.
The fastest course to a clean environment and reduced carbon emissions is widespread economic security. Traditional energy development is the pathway to get there.
The recent California earthquake serves as a reminder — businesses need to be prepared for any type of a disaster and be mindful not only of operations but the well-being of employees as well.
With military and terrorist battles occurring in several places around the world, the question of America’s role in global conflicts is a matter of hot debate.
While I’m glad Utah adequately funds transportation projects, I believe we need to significantly increase education funding. And we could learn an important lesson from transportation advocates.
Thousands of wonderful people have contributed greatly to Utah’s success. Since I can’t mention all of them, I want to note three special people who I consider to be Utah heroes.