Mary Barker
Mary Barker teaches political science at Syracuse University’s study abroad program in Madrid, Spain, and at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. She is currently on leave to conduct research and is teaching at Salt Lake Community College.

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Religion reinforces our commitment to things like justice and mercy. Yet my conviction that justice and mercy are connected to the divine doesn't mean that my assessment of the policies that will best realize t...
Being privileged is a social position, one that is important in the pursuit of justice and the greater good.
The world of sports illustrates important lessons about the economy. Unlike sports, however, the average worker today lacks the social power to command a fair deal for his labor.
Two common challenges stem from confusing the “level of analysis” in a conversation and mistaking arguments about policies with ones about people.
"The Hunger Games" takes place in a dystopian future in which child representatives from various districts are forced to fight to the death. Something like this imaginary game is going on when we try to evalua...
A contributor to Forbes recently wrote, “The largest, wealthiest, most powerful organizations in the world [American corporations] are on the public dole. Where is the outrage?”
Mitt Romney’s father, George, former governor of Michigan and Republican presidential candidate, represents a kind of politician that we would do well to foster today.
Democracy is often defined on a sliding scale – from the oxymoron of authoritarian democracy, to the ideal where, like Muslim pilgrims entering Mecca, citizens shed their worldly privileges and participat...