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Health educators say that faith communities are essential to reducing breast cancer mortality rates among black women.
Although the Synod of Bishops on the family left more questions than answers for Catholics around the world, many are celebrating the remarkable access it offered to top church officials.
High-profile religious figures descended on Ferguson, Missouri, this week to support ongoing protests.
In a new study, evangelical Protestants were the only Christians to show significant growth in their concern for the environment over the past 20 years.
A short press conference marking the halfway point of the Catholic Church's Synod of Bishops on the family sent shockwaves through the global news media.
Some experts predict that biological life will soon be discovered on other planets, a development that could send shockwaves through the world's religions.
Ark Encounter's faith-based hiring practices have the potential to put the theme park's tax credits on hold.
Preachers who injected politics into their sermons this past Sunday weren't just speaking to their respective congregations. They were daring the IRS to pay attention to the seventh annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday...
The minimum wage debate preoccupies Americans who are hoping to improve the lives of struggling families, and as a result, it crowds out other, more promising solutions.
Religious belief — or lack thereof — influences mental and physical well-being in a variety of ways.