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What causes the gap in opinions on scientific issues between everyday people and scientists - and how can we close it?
The countries at the epicenter of the current outbreak — Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone — are witnessing widespread decline in new Ebola cases.
There was no unified response from religious communities to the House GOP's canceled plan to vote on a post-20 weeks abortion ban.
President Barack Obama may stand out for how often he includes the word "god" in his State of the Union addresses, but many people of faith were dissatisfied by his omission of the poor Tuesday night.
Psychologists who research how to define character traits like humility make it easier to analyze and promote virtuous living.
Inspiring citizens to be more active offers better overall health outcomes than reducing obesity, according to one new study.
Vitamin D supplements could be the ticket to a healthy winter season — or they could be worthless.
Hispanic Catholics and black Protestants are more likely than members of other religious groups to express concern about climate change.
The school said that the gesture was meant to unify the community. Instead, it created more tension.
Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook hit and killed a bicyclist on Dec. 28 while driving drunk. She faces four felony counts.