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The story of death-row inmate Kelly Gissendaner has inspired an international conversation about religious teachings on capital punishment.
Wednesday marks the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's second Inaugural address.
New research found that children susceptible to a peanut allergy might be able to avoid the condition by eating peanuts early in life.
Leaders of nine national organizations have issued a call to action on American gun violence.
Unhealthy diets are becoming a global problem as poor nutrition leads to disorders like diabetes and heart disease.
Research has shown that empathizing with others can be exhausting, especially for religious leaders and health care professionals.
The tale of the shift from dominion to stewardship thinking among Christians covers centuries of church history.
Researchers found that teens who had successfully lost weight had brains that prioritized weight loss goals over momentary temptations.
Research has shown that people who engage in results-focused complaining can air their grievances and enjoy health benefits, too.
One New York City church wants Wal-Mart to increase its board of directors' oversight of gun sales.