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A Catholic conference on the family next month could bring big changes for American Catholics.
Temperatures are dropping, the sun is setting earlier and pumpkin spice everything is arriving on American supermarket shelves.
In these five countries, citizens are feeling brighter than last year about the national economy.
Members of ISIL, or Iraq's Islamic State, aren't representative of Islam, commentators argue.
People hoping for immigration reform must now wait until after November's midterm elections.
The restaurant's founder and chairman emeritus was famous for his Southern Baptist faith.
Often cited as America's least religious generation, millennials find friendship and strengthen their personal faith through involvement in interfaith programs.
The annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca highlights intra-religious tensions.
U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman is the first federal judge to uphold a same-sex marriage ban since June 2013.
Labor Day Monday is celebrated as Labor Sunday in some faith communities.