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Here are the top faith stories from the year, selected by Deseret News National's editor team.
Numerous studies have shown that comfort foods don't just taste good, they make us feel good, too.
Sleep is an important part of any healthy lifestyle, according to health and safety researchers.
Personal faith was an important undercurrent in the global fight against Ebola.
The morality of torture is an unresolved issue within the American religious community.
Although the holiday season is often one of the happiest times of the year, it can also be the most stressful. But it may only take a little mindfulness to stay focused on the positive aspects.
Although often overshadowed by other holiday activities, Advent reflections remain important in the lives of many Christians.
India's leaders hope to make the practice of yoga as prominent in its homeland as it now is in Western countries like the United States.
Fifty years ago, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. described the value of nonviolent resistance, exploring concepts that remain relevant to this day.
Believing in fate, or that everything happens for a reason, is part of a universal human need to find purpose in a chaotic world, a recent study found.