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A recent study highlights the value of religious teachings on self-control and compassion toward others.
President Obama spoke out against anti-Muslim sentiment last week, but other minority faith groups experience similar injustices.
Pope Francis is not the first Catholic Church leader to extend olive branches to leaders of other faiths.
Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent and gives Christians an opportunity to repent for past sins, will be celebrated on Feb. 10.
Researchers based at Harvard University released a report this week offering suggestions for how college applications can reward students for being good people.
The analysis of voters' views on the religious backgrounds of presidential candidates revealed that Donald Trump is seen as the least faithful.
The DOE's announcement that it will create a list of religiously affiliated schools exempted from federal policies banning gender identity discrimination was a victory for LGBT activists and harbinger of troubl...
Less than half of Americans believe it's immoral to bet on sports, and yet relatively few want the practice to be legal.
Trump spoke to students of the Christian and conservative Liberty University on Monday. Meanwhile, his relative popularity among religious voters has perplexed the news media.
Republican presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops to earn the support of evangelical Christian voters.