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Faith leaders said the goal of religious confession is to affirm that the confessor is unconditionally loved, rather than to shame or scold.
A new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety determined that distracted driving is a major problem for teen drivers.
Jay Smith, co-author of "Cheated" — a new book on the academic fraud at the center of college sports — discusses his efforts to raise awareness of the need for new NCAA policies.
The "Bodies Filled with Light" exhibit at Brigham Young University, which will close in April, highlights unexpected overlaps between religion and anatomy.
This year, 50 hospitals across America will host trials of promising new Alzheimer's drug, T-817MA.
Experts on workplace issues said the series captured valuable truths about building a healthy office environment.
Choosing words like "lively" or "eventful" to describe hectic schedules can reduce stress, according to researchers.
A new report from the Department of Health and Human Services reports that 16.4 million Americans have gained insurance coverage in the wake of the ACA's implementation.
An English professor and popular author makes it look cool to be an evangelical Christian.
A social media campaign and online petition described the emoji as a form of body-shaming.