David Blankenhorn
David Blankenhorn is the founder and president of the Institute for American Values and the author of "Fatherless America" and "The Future of Marriage.Ē He received a Bachelorís Degree in Social Studies, magna cum laude, from Harvard University and a Masterís Degree in Comparative Social History from the University of Warwick in Coventry. You can follow him on Twitter @blankenhorn3.

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Whenever it comes to defending casinos and pushing for more of them, the theme of “jobs” is invariably front and center.
The current crisis in Iraq is so messy, and all of its likely outcomes so tragic, that it’s hard to know what or even how to think about it. So let’s start with first principles, to get some groundi...
If you’re growing up in upscale America, the odds are strongly in your favor that your father lives with you, is married to your mother, and is highly motivated to help you succeed. But for most of Americ...