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Nicole Shepard is an education reporter with Deseret News National. She believes in peace and social cause journalism and is an advocate of restorative justice practices in schools and the justice system.

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New study finds that fourth and fifth graders need more reading instruction than previously believed.
A survey of 29 countries found that American principals think that more than 60 percent of students are disadvantaged, which may harm education quality.
The high school class of 2014 saw more dropouts than that of 2013 because of new exit exams and course requirements.
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AP classes have endured scrutiny over the last few years, causing students, parents and admissions officers to ask if they're still worth it.
Summer is prime time for kids to slip behind in reading, math and science. Here are some ways to help prevent that.
New research runs against the grain of popular belief, saying that helping your kids with homework is detrimental to their education.
Four adjunct professors come forward as the culprits behind grade inflation.
Special-education students fall behind at an unprecedented rate since the widespread implementation of Common Core standards.
Education reformers are asking for the U.S. to follow the teacher qualifications found in Finland and Singapore.