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Amy McDonald hails from sunny St. George and is a graduate of BYU where she studied journalism, American studies and international development. She has written for The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Valley Magazine and loves hiking and running.

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How to respond to homelessness in your neighborhood? One couple hired them.
Two-thirds of the world's population don't have the Internet, and tech giants like Facebook and Google are attempting to change that by offering free Internet to remote countries and villages around the world. ...
A university president decided to take a pay cut of $90,000 to help give the school's lowest-paid workers a higher wage.
Tech giants like Google and Facebook are bringing free Internet to remote areas and claiming that the technology could lift millions out of poverty. But scholars are skeptical because research says technology d...
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A new poll found that most Americans across religious and party lines believe the unaccompanied children at the border should be offered support and shelter, and should be seen as refugees, not illegal immigran...
In response to the backlash surrounding anti-homeless spikes in a London convenient store, a Canadian charity organization has come up with a solution that provides the opposite—benches that turn into she...
Recent violence between Israel and Gaza has had an alarming amount of casualties. Many of them are children.