Lane Anderson
Lane Anderson writes about causes for the national edition—including issues such as poverty, hunger, and social inequality. She lives in New York City, where she has taught at Columbia University and Yeshiva University. She holds an MFA from Columbia University.

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A "one-way honor system" beholdens workers to their employers, while employers have little responsibility to employees. Researchers believe it's reshaping our family lives.
Around the world, children under the age of 12 are happy, but that can change dramatically as they grow up.
Is lack of access to fair representation eroding the U.S. justice system? A new report says that for low-income Americans, it may be.
Maybe lack of family leave time isn't the problem for parents — maybe working 24/7 is the problem for parents.
Does money make rich people happier? Not really. But not having enough money can make a person sad.
The payday lending industry earns $8.7 billion a year in exorbitant interest rates and fees. But without them, where will low-income borrowers go?
While wealthy communities have rebounded, some working-class neighborhoods remain underwater.
Research has found that social integration is more important for well-being than income, and also decreases poverty.
Employers look to tactics to take workers off formal payrolls and lower costs.
Between 70 million and 100 million Americans — almost one in three — have some kind of criminal record. Criminal background checks can make it hard for them to find a place to live and get a job.