Lane Anderson
Lane Anderson writes about causes for the national edition—including issues such as poverty, hunger, and social inequality. She lives in New York City, where she has taught at Columbia University and Yeshiva University. She holds an MFA from Columbia University.

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During the recession, the poor bumped up charitable giving. But those higher up the income ladder gave less and less.
Frederick Hutson was always enterprising. While he was behind bars, he hatched an idea for a phone service for inmates.
Women around the world experience more violence and illness and still struggle to get education and good pay, say two new studies.
Families thrive when they can save up. So why do welfare laws discourage them from accumulating wealth?
Homeless people get help cleaning up in retrofitted city buses outfitted with restrooms and showers.
Lots of things can can improve your health, but new research points to one thing — money.
Been to Everest? So have a lot of people. But the remote Himalayan villages in the Pamirs offer peaks that no one has summited before. Local and American entrepreneurs are hoping that the appeal will draw touri...
Millions of undocumented parents who might have qualified for Obama's deferred action program are in limbo.
Kids who eat breakfast at school have better math and reading skills, perform better on standardized tests, and are less likely to be overweight. But only half of low-income kids are getting the morning meal.
With an aging population, home health care workers are essential to families and to the overall well-being of the country, but a new report says that they work for poverty wages, and half rely on food stamps to...