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Lane Anderson writes about causes for the national edition—including issues such as poverty, hunger, and social inequality. She lives in New York City, where she has taught at Columbia University and Yeshiva University. She holds an MFA from Columbia University.

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Women give more to charity than men. But with the rise of the sensitive, modern man, that could change.
Seattle's homelessness problem has soared as rents have gone up. But a group is partnering teens with local builders and architects to create safe, warm mini-shelters to help the homeless get back on their feet...
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Former beauty queen, now advocate Blair Griffith explains her family's "downward spiral" into homelessness, and her "double life' hiding her homelessness and shame at the time.
Homelessness in America's most populous city has reached an all-time high. Advocates say their directives could eliminate the problem — permanently — in five years.
More than half of schoolchildren in the U.S. today are below the poverty line. Poor kids are much less likely to succeed in school and complete college. Here's how one school working-class district is making a ...
It's long been known that wealthy kids have advantages in school that poorer kids don't. But do richer kids develop bigger brains?
Frederick Hutson was always enterprising. While he was behind bars, he hatched an idea for a phone service for inmates.
During the recession, the poor bumped up charitable giving. But those higher up the income ladder gave less and less.
Some of the fish that ends up in U.S. markets and products is caught by Burmese slaves, AP finds.