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Hundreds of charter school children and their teachers gathered at the state Capitol Friday to meet lawmakers and to celebrate the chance to choose their own education path in Utah.
As part of a budgeting exercise to find savings and stress-test the state budget, lawmakers are aiming for a goal to reduce expenditures by 2 percent in all state agencies.
Two bills were recommended unanimously for House approval on Thursday that would expand hunting and fishing opportunities for young Utahns.
A Utah lawmaker is sponsoring a bill to increase the personal income tax rate for education has made changes that he hopes will make the bill easier to swallow for Utah families and other lawmakers.
Legislators unanimously recommended a bill for House approval Wednesday that would avail English and writing teachers of computer programs to help them give more timely feedback on their students' coursework.
A bill that seeks to set rules on how new school districts can be formed sparked a lengthy debate as it was presented Wednesday to the House Education Committee.
Lawmakers are considering changes to the way they fund the operation and maintenance of higher education buildings after an audit released last month showed a lack of funding transparency.
Lawmakers are considering a bill that would increase the incentives and resources for students to graduate early from high school through Utah's Centennial Scholarship program.
The Senate Education Committee recommended a bill for Senate approval Tuesday that would require students to pass a citizenship test before they can earn a high school diploma.
Lawmakers began working to determine budget appropriations for Utah's public schools Tuesday, with a special focus on finding ways to improve financial efficiency.