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After losing some key recruiters and coaches early in the offseason, the Utah football team has added a new face to help in the recruiting race.
After New Mexico guard Hugh Greenwood put together one of his best games this season, he made sure one UNLV fan knew not to mess with his family.
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In blasting a Top 10 team like Utah and doing so in convincing fashion, Arizona reminded the nation it is not a team to be taken lightly. However, the Wildcats aren't alone in sending messages.
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Though the cream of the crop has already begun to show in the West, there were plenty of shakeups after just the second week of conference action.
In this week's episode, the first of the new year, DeseretNews.com writer Carter Williams and contributor Jay Yeomans discuss if it's already time to expand the FBS playoff in college football.
It may not be the circumstance that Dante Exum wished for, but he said before Monday's start against Indiana that he is excited regardless.
As the teams head into conference action in their respective leagues, it's time to break down the best of the teams in the west. Here's a power ranking of the top teams in the western collegiate basketball conf...
Sunday's win meant something more than basketball for the Runnin' Utes. In fact, the whole season has a different meaning.