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A team that once hit a stretch of nine-straight losses had suddenly become a team that could beat Portland and Dallas in back-to-back games. So what's next for the Utah Jazz?
Fully healthy, former Utah receiver Dres Anderson shined in his personal workout in front of 14 pro scouts, and did so with the help of former BYU quarterback Christian Stewart.
One-time BYU pitcher Jeremy Guthrie wasn't spectacular in his season debut, but he got the job done; Bingham High product Brady Lail dazzled in his season debut; and Utah alum Tyler Wagner continues an impressi...
It was an entertaining year for the game, as well as the West, which boasted some of the best talent in the country. Here is an attempt at naming the top players in the western region throughout the 2014-15 sea...
Carter Williams and Ryan Miller break down all the roster changes as well as adjustments such as a pace of game clock, a humidor to help curb the effects of high elevation in the game and new ballpark venues. T...
There’s plenty of baseball players with ties to the state of Utah either in the majors or working their way up on opening day.
Junior Sam Tevi and freshman Jackson Barton are duking it for the starting right tackle job. It’s a friendly battle, but still a competition.
Utah Valley University has hired BYU assistant coach Mark Pope as it's new head men's basketball coach, according to CBS Sports' Gary Parrish.
Utah quarterback Kendal Thompson said he is ahead of schedule following an ACL tear in November, but he's not rushing to get back on the field too quickly.
Pac-12 Conference teams are 7-1 after the first two rounds, despite what many considered a “down year” for the Pac-12. The only team eliminated, Oregon, lost after a close battle with Wisconsin on S...