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Provo has seen a surprising amount of success in a place much different than it: the music industry. But while the the morals of the two worlds clash, the band Red Yeti is using its values to bring them success...
The online community is rallying behind a blogger after the death of her 3-year-old son Friday, May 2.
Chicago Bears offensive guard Kyle Long took time to make a 9-year-old boy's day when he heard the Illinois boy was being bullied.
Eleven-year-old Provo resident Aaliyah Rose performed on TV and live for thousands at Radio Disney Music Awards in Los Angeles.
The tragedy surrounding Sierra Newbold caught the attention of local and national audiences, but the story many people are less familiar with is that of the Newbold's faith through their struggle.
BYU took home its 15th and 16th awards from the College Television Awards, also known as the student Emmys, on April 23 this year.
Radio Disney surprised an 11-year-old Provo resident with the opportunity to perform at the Radio Disney Music Awards, possibly her biggest performance yet.
Mormon Newsroom published the commentary "Why Religion Matters: The Salt of Society," stating how religion can add to the savor of society. The piece is the fourth in the five-part series "Why Religion Matters....
Police suspect a gospel song kept an Atlanta boy alive when a man kidnapped him earlier this April.
Florida Governor Rick Scott visited the Fort Lauderdale Temple April 18 with other political and religious leaders, according to Mormon Newsroom.