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Public service can put stress on family life. In fact, 86 percent of U.S. congressional representatives say they spend too little time with their families, according to a survey by the Congressional Management ...
Childhood obesity has dropped 43 percent over the last decade, but critics say it's too early to celebrate.
Young and middle-aged adults have contracted more flu symptoms than any other age demographic this year, because they might not be receiving annual flu vaccinations.
The thousands of candidates running for elected office this year won't have much of a chance of success without the backing of their most important constituents — their families.
While Belgium awaits the new child euthanasia bill to be signed into law, opponents argue that children don't have the mental capacity to make such a life-changing decision.
A new study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine found a strong correlation between the consumption of energy drinks and alcohol and drug use among teens.
As the average age for marriage continues to rise every year, Pope Francis encourages people to marry sooner and work harder for a successful marriage.
New studies show that the Great Recession may have temporarily lowered the divorce rate, questioning the research that says financial hardships cause more divorces.
Child obesity is already a problem in the U.S., but researchers may have identified when the problem begins for most kids, which may help in the fight against child obesity in the future.
A Pew Research poll shows Americans are calm compared to other countries that worry over how to support their aging populations.