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Fragments of the oldest version of the Quran were found in Birmingham, England, last month inside another Quran from the late seventh century, BBC reported. But it may be older than we think.
Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards show was packed with controversy and did little to help children learn good values.
Recent reports said that ISIS had destroyed an ancient Syrian temple that was built to honor gods in pre-Christian times. But it looks like the temple is still standing.
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Ashley Madison, a social network designed for people looking to have affairs, dominated the news this week. And Christians were no strangers to it.
Teens say the darndest things, and in some cases that could mean some slang terms that don't mean what you think.
Local authorities in Indonesia are asking a 42-year-old man to change his name. That man is Tuhan — name that, in Indonesian, means “God.”
The Codex Sinaiticus, the world’s oldest copy of the Bible, will be on display in the British Museum in the coming months, according to The Guardian.
New research says that even though your happiness dips after having a child, it'll rebound quicker when you have a second child.
A new social media campaign #BornAndMade has spread throughout Instagram. Here's a look at some of the campaign's posts.