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The master of horror spoke at Juan Diego High School on Friday night, spreading messages about family.
On the surface, "End of Watch" seems like a great hit that readers will love. For families and those who can't stomach darker themes, it's a tough one to read.
It’s unlikely people will run to the shelves to read “Runaway,” the latest book from author Peter May, unless they like a dark story about 1960s pop culture.
On Super Tuesday, everyone's eyes are focused on Ohio, Florida and the other primaries of the day. But Utah, due for a caucus next week, may also be important.
Thinking about taking your child to see Deadpool? Think again. The film definitely isn't kid-friendly.
On Saturday, Sports Illustrated with unveil the new edition of its annual swimsuit issue. And it's not exactly family-friendly, or kind to women.
Super Bowl Sunday is just hours away and you can already check out some of the highlights online. Well, the commercial highlights, that is.
OK, so Mattel just came out with these new Barbie dolls with different body types. But is that something parents approve of?
These four games were released at various points in 2015 but are still good options for families to consider post-holidays.
The author of "Fight Club" is back with a collection of short stories called "Make Something Up: Stories You Can't Unread." And just like the title suggests, these stories are often hard to unread.