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Katie McKellar is a Dixie State University graduate with a bachelor of science in mass communication. Before interning at Deseret News, she reported and edited news content for Dixie Sun News, first as Photo Editor, then as Features Editor. As a Utah native, Katie enjoys hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. She spends the majority of her free time, however, spoiling her mustang named Dusty. Horseback riding has been her sport-of-choice and passion since grade school. Email: kmckellar@deseretnews.com

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A bill to reinstate Utah’s firing squad as a backup execution method easily passed through a Senate committee Monday.
A Senate panel supported a bill Monday that would streamline the prosecution of child trafficking .
A House committee gave preliminary approval to a bill Monday that would unravel parts of last year’s Count My Vote compromise.
A House committee approved a resolution Monday that urges support for moving Utah Air National Guard operations to Hill Air Force Base.
State lawmakers honored 19 fallen Utah soldiers Friday at the Capitol. Utah’s military endured no combat-related deaths in 2014. The 19 losses were due to accidents, illnesses and suicides.
A bill to ban gas chambers for animal euthanasia in Utah will be delayed until next year’s legislative session.
The Utah House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday to expand death benefits to the families of peace officers and firefighters who die in the line of duty.
A Senate committee approved a resolution Thursday that aims to change how law enforcement, advocates and family members interact with victims of sexual violence.
A Senate panel approved a bill Thursday that would clarify that a person is guilty of prostitution when not only engaging in a sexual activity with another for money, but also for trade of goods.
Tourism leaders gathered in the Capitol rotunda on Wednesday to recognize Utah’s booming tourism economy.