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High winds reaching between 80 mph and 90 mph in some places caused road closures and crashes Tuesday that resulted in one death and at least 25 injuries.
During the month of April, Autism Speaks works to promote Autism Awareness. Utah's autistic community has expressed distaste for their approach. These individual voices are rising together, seeking acceptance r...
Despite warmer temperatures, officials warn boaters and fishers of cold water temperatures. Washington County Search and Rescue team gets swift water training as the number of calls nearly surpass their yearly ...
Report shows many patients are not told by doctors that they have alzheimer's until disease has taken hold.
The first day of spring in Utah brought temperatures in the high 60s and sunshine. For a Tooele man, it brought an unusually early opening day for his snow cone stand.
It's only mid-March, but trees are beginning to blossom and flowers bloom. And that has some orchardists worried.
What started as a school project at Foothills Elementary School could soon change the landscape for a neighboring police station.
A West Valley man died Saturday in a fire inside his apartment.
Hazmat crews worked to stop a gas leak Saturday after a delivery van crashed into a building, starting a fire.
Couples, a psychologist and a religious leader weigh in on the importance of building faith within a relationship. They also discuss how couples should incorporate faith in their marriage.