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Much of the media focus on work-life balance has covered how to juggle a career and raise children, but similar personal and professional sacrifices can be required of those who support aging parents.
For children living in poverty in rural communities around the globe, the simple act of getting to school can be a dangerous journey.
Forbes recently released its list of individuals who gave the most to charity in 2012, but there is more than one way to measure generosity.
President Obama's announcement that Americans will be able to keep their plans that don't meet the Affordable Care Act's requirements may create turmoil for states and insurance companies and may mean an increa...
Research is revealing how racial diversity and reducing racial inequities is good for business and American economic growth.
The Obamacare required maternity and newborn coverage has caused a firestorm of debate over whether such a requirement is fair to those who choose not to have children or men who won't need the coverage.
Some argue that the economic burdens and room for error in the E-Verify system, which would become mandatory under the Senate's immigration reform bill, make it a bad bargain.
A small but growing movement of budget-conscious consumers are saying goodbye to their monthly cable subscription in favor of Internet subscription services like Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.
As Veteran's Day approaches, companies are pledging and amping up prior pledges to hire more veterans.
Beginning last Friday, Nov. 1, 48 million Americans who receive vouchers to buy food under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as "food stamps," will see a cut to their monthly benefit...