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The Obama administration has announced that it will move forward with plans to expand overtime pay in what Politico has called “the most ambitious government intervention on wages in a decade.”
It’s been a big week for rap music, but not everyone's a fan.
Laura Kipnis, a professor at Northwestern University, was recently cleared of wrongdoing over a controversial essay she published on sexual politics on college campuses.
Pixar’s “Inside Out” has enjoyed a tremendous amount of box office success and critical praise since its release, at least partially because of how it tackled the complexity of human emotions.
Bree Newsome was arrested shortly after removing the Confederate battle flag from atop a pole at the South Carolina state capitol. An act she claimed to do "in the name of God."
According to a new report by the Pew Research Center, the number of mixed-race babies is higher than it's ever been.
When it comes to some of the most basic elements of American history, not everyone is on the same page.
Celebrating the birth of America can get expensive sometimes, so making the most out of it can be difficult, especially on a budget.
There seems to be a pretty recognizable correlation between how many Americans are getting married, and how many are getting divorced.
The art of marriage is typically thought of to be exactly that — an art form. But could there be a more scientific approach?