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One part of our tax code that many are discussing, which has gained increased attention due to the slowly building 2016 presidential race, is how fair taxes are to families.
In 2001, journalist and researcher Douglas Rushkoff decided to dive deep into the heart of how marketers target teens. The result was a Frontline PBS special titled “The Merchants of Cool.”
Are millennials really that selfish? It’s a question that’s been asked again and again and again, without any real consensus.
More than half of all welfare recipients (56 percent) rely on government assistance because their job doesn’t pay enough, not because of unemployment. And adjunct professors are high on the list.
Roughly 17 percent of workers have “unstable” work schedules, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute released this month, a trend that is hurting families and contributing to the cyc...
Not everything about tax day has to horrible. At the very least, you can learn a little about the inner-workings of the IRS.
Americans spend an awful lot of money on transportation, but that's about where the similarities end.
A debate has sprung up about the merits of having children, and it's pretty heated.
When Indiana passed the initial version of its Religious Freedom Restoration Act, an adaption of the federal law passed in 1993, the backlash was tremendous. Now, some are worried that religious tolerance is qu...
Tax day cometh. Did your state make it easier or harder to be a taxpayer?