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A chart recently repromoted by the Pew Research Center gives some economic context to Los Angels' decision to raise their minimum wage.
Some argue that the 40-hour workweek too often leads to overworked employees, which in turn is bad for productivity.
Americans seem to be falling in love with the single life
When it comes to understanding the changing landscape of American religious life, the impact of fertility cannot be underestimated.
While there are certainly plenty of intangible ways to understand how much our educators are valued, it seems the easiest method is simply finding out how much they're paid.
The Great Recession has shaped up to be one of the defining factors of the millennial generation, even when it comes to mental health.
The Pew Research Center's newly released study of religion in America shines the light on the changing religious landscape of American immigrants.
Will.i.am thinks America's rising generation should look to Steve Jobs as a role model for the future. Myspace's Tom Anderson disagrees.
Barack Obama now has a personal Twitter account, and he's actually tweeting from it.
The concept of in-state tuition may be going extinct, which could mean upward mobility is in major trouble.