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The song “Tum Hi Ho,” a ballad that dominated Indian music charts on its release in 2013, was written as an accompanying tune for the blockbuster Indian romance drama "Aashiqui 2." Now it's a symbol...
The University of New Hampshire has unwittingly found itself at the center of the raging battle over “PC culture” on college campuses.
Documents preserved at the University of Birmingham in London have recently been identified to be segments of the Quran dating back to almost the day of Islam’s prophet Muhammad himself.
The Internet has had no small effect on the culture of parenting, as one family's experience in a Maine diner shows.
Donald Trump’s current bid for the 2016 Republican nomination has been a lightning rod of controversy. Now, discussion has turned from immigration concerns to the legitimacy of marital rape.
The twenty-first century isn’t short on distinctions. It’s a new era, propelled by innovation and sustained by unprecedented connectivity.
Study after study has shown that Americans are falling out of love with organized religion, with a recent Gallup poll finding that "the church and organized religion is losing its footing as a pillar of moral l...
Will putting more of the burden on the university really help with the student loan debt crisis?
The Internet has become a breeding ground for public expressions of outrage, and the latest example stems from the death of Cecil, a male lion beloved by residents in multiple African countries.
The life of the mind and the mind of God have not always seen eye to eye. That is to say, the struggle to teach religious faith, in or out of the conventional classroom, has seen it’s fair share of frustr...