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When looking for a job, most Americans want some sense that their careers won't obstruct their personal lives completely.
There's a growing income gap between those who smoke and those don't.
The rise of online messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Google Chat and WhatsApp, has created a new type of downtime.
Some argue that the 40-hour workweek too often leads to overworked employees, which in turn is bad for productivity.
A new poll by YouGov found when it comes to the American family, strictness is seen as a virtue, not vice.
One poll that's part of the Pew Research Center's study on "graying societies" found Americans have all but given up on the idea they can have much of a retirement at all.
A new report by the Urban Institute shows the average college student is still under the age of 25.
With the release of the mega-expensive, and mega-anticipated, superhero tent-pole film “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” many critics have expressed fatigue at the manner in which Hollywood blockbusters po...
When it comes to understanding the changing landscape of American religious life, the impact of fertility cannot be underestimated.
There's a new trend among America's elderly class, and it's kind of depressing.