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Looking for ways to add variety to bread-baking? Four new cookbooks have some ideas.
A homeless shelter in North Carolina is using innovation to alleviate homelessness by offering naming rights to everything from a can of corn to a roll of toilet paper.
Find your time for meal preparation is getting shorter and shorter? Here are four solutions to the mealtime woes that come for families busy with soccer practice, dance class and getting to bed on time.
Giving reaches its peak for the year during the holiday season, but what happens the rest of the year when the need is just as great?
Worldwide, one in three people are living on only dollars a day, according to new data from Gallup.
A new controversial book from an Italian author that teaches new brides to be submissive to their husbands, and is topping the charts in book sales in Spain, is firing up feminists internationally.
Being sold into sex trade is psychologically damaging — even more so when it's your mother who's doing the selling.
New research suggests that what you think of the welfare program depends on what you think of the person receiving it.
'Layaway angels' are anonymously footing the remaining bill for layaway items at Walmart and Kmart stores across the nation.
For many millennials, homelessness isn't an unlikely future due to a difficult job market and sinking student loan debt.