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Richard Davis is a professor of political science at Brigham Young University. Email: Richard_Davis@byu.edu

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Tax cuts have been most beneficial to the rich and have contributed to a greater inequality in the U.S. today than existed 50 years ago. No wonder many in the middle class feel further and further behind. They ...
American workers are in serious trouble today, and Congress and the president need to do more to protect working families.
In a state where the majority of the legislature is divided between those who are satisfied to neglect public education’s acute needs and those who would like to kill off public education altogether, we n...
A state legislator should not be able to time his or her resignation to determine the process by which his successor is selected. Rather, the voters should decide in all cases.
Just as the state adopted and implemented a comprehensive transportation plan, so Utah needs a similar education plan that will reform education and increase currently inadequate funding.
Recently, I heard someone claim that America is going downhill because God has been taken out of the schools. This argument has been made since the U.S. Supreme Court banned state-sponsored school prayer over 5...
It is the task of journalists to uncover illegal or unethical actions by government officials. Without this role, the public is ill-served and ultimately unable to make intelligent judgments about politicians c...
There are still moons to explore, problems to solve, challenges to meet. This is a time to remember what Americans – united, resolute, bravely facing the future – can achieve, if we wish to do so.
This suggests that Utahns’ disapproval goes beyond the job Obama is doing to the person himself. Yet, let me suggest three reasons why Latter-day Saints should think better of the president personally.
Overall, a second constitutional convention is worth serious consideration.