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Richard Davis is a professor of political science at Brigham Young University. Email: Richard_Davis@byu.edu

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Democrats would do well to give an array of presidential candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to meet voter demands in 2016. That includes Hillary Clinton, but not just her.
Any notions that Vladimir Putin would take Russia towards a peaceful democracy are gone. Instead, the reality is that the United States and the European Community must be ready to stand against Putin to stop hi...
Legislators face two stark choices over the selection of state school board members, and the choice is not trivial. How they choose determines whether the state’s public education system is governed by po...
The recently proposed HB313 would significantly weaken SB54, last year's Count My Vote compromise. Utah Republican Party leaders and some legislators have labored to overturn or weaken the provisions of SB54.
House Bill 200 was to commission a panel to study why voter turnout in Utah has declined so precipitously in the past 50 years. The House voted down the proposal, hindering understanding why voter participation...
There's a quiet and disturbing trend occurring in the U.S. — the increasing numbers of grandparents, mostly grandmothers, who are raising their grandchildren because their children cannot do so.
Religious exemption can lead to substitution, but substitution should not be allowed if it causes hardship. If I can go to a restaurant, business or somewhere else providing the same service, then there isn't a...
Religious rights and gay rights can co-exist if society is willing to accept the fact that the public square is for all. Here are three reasons the LGBT community should support religious exemptions.
If President Obama wants to improve education access rather than trumpet another talking point, he will have to compromise with a wary Republican Congress. Both sides have incentives to sit down and negotiate.
The Utah State Legislature convenes next Monday. Will the legislators sworn in that day be as responsive to the voters’ wishes as their predecessors were? If they are, this is what they will do: