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Richard Davis is a professor of political science at Brigham Young University. Email: Richard_Davis@byu.edu

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The question I am asking is whether a presidential candidate must be religious in order to be a good president? Must a president talk regularly about his or her religious beliefs? Do they have to invoke the nam...
Last week, Pastor France Davis of the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church gave a speech at BYU. The pastor recounted his experiences with the civil rights movement and urged BYU students in the audience to become...
Recent polls suggest the American public is dissatisfied and frustrated. This dissatisfaction is squarely directed at politicians.
So far, the marquee race for the presidency has been on the Republican side with the dominance of Donald Trump. However, recent signs indicate the Democratic race may be more compelling than first thought.
Donald Trump’s campaign issued his first television advertisement this week. It is another indication of how different this election season is from other recent presidential elections.
Last year I named an award — the Simon Bamberger Award for Political Courage — and gave it to individuals who had shown a rare quality — political courage. This year, other politicians deserve...
Jesus doesn't fit the profile of the famous people whose birthdays we commonly celebrate. So why do we celebrate his birth over 2,000 years ago? It is because the things he taught can potentially change our liv...
The arrogance of power rears its ugly head once again. This is not an uncommon occurrence when power is concentrated in a small group of hands. And it is happening in Utah government right now.
The debate over religious freedom still rages more than 200 years after the First Amendment was ratified. The amendment was created to protect all religious institutions, not just the popular ones.
Hopefully, there is a young Utah girl right now hearing about Olene Walker’s life and thinking: “I can do that.”