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Dan Liljenquist is a former state senator and U.S. Senate candidate.

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A bipartisan bill is progressing through Congress that revokes the legal immunity typically given to foreign nations when such nations are found culpable for terror attacks that kill Americans on U.S. soil.
Losing stings. There is no way around it. And the more you care, the more it hurts. Should we be less willing to emotionally invest — in a team, in a cause, in an idea, in a campaign — if there i...
Capitalism and socialism have a host vs. disease relationship — the one will always attempt to kill the other. The real philosophical question is — which is the host and which is the disease?
Would the Utah GOP be able to pull off such a high-profile event when the neighborhood caucuses were already under public pressure? It seemed like a high-stakes gamble at the time.
24 Utahns die every month from prescription drug overdoses. Health care professionals have long wrestled with the question over whether the risks of prescribing such drugs outweighs the pain relief benefits the...
Iran is testing the resolve of the Obama administration, and North Korea is trying to follow the Iranian political extortion playbook but with one major additional factor in play — North Korea actually ha...
Trump has arrived like the golden calf, promising protection and prosperity, platitudes and possibilities. Many are now sacrificing their principles at the Trump altar, hoping that he will somehow save them.
For those who are concerned that the apparent decline in civil political discourse in this country is a symptom of a terminal illness in our republic, I offer the following vignettes from the past.
Scalia’s replacement on the US Supreme Court will be, and should be, selected by the next President of the United States.
The real question is: How do we best solve the public safety recruiting and retention situation in Utah? There is no easy answer to this question.