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"The most amazing thing about the 2016 elections," Roger Porter of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government told me, "is that we are likely to elect someone who close to two-thirds of the country does not trust."
In the Republican Party today, resistance is the evidence of principle.
Without a passion for universal human dignity and worth — the commitment to a common good in which the powerless are valued — politics is a spoils system for the winners. It degenerates into a way f...
As a leader, Trump has succeeded by appealing to stereotypes and ugly hatreds that most American leaders have struggled to repress and contain.
Over the last four years, America has largely been a bystander in the largest strategic and humanitarian disaster of our time: the collapse of sovereignty in Syria.
Donald Trump attacked the Republican establishment as low-energy, cowering weaklings. Now Republican leaders are lining up to surrender to him — like low-energy, cowering weaklings. The capitulation has j...
The uniqueness of the Dalai Lama's voice in global debates is his emphasis on the inner life. He roots the pursuit of peace in a "calm mind" — and displays it.
This is a vicious and dangerous cycle: Dehumanizing rhetoric, leading to distrust of government and law enforcement, contributing to tragedies that feed dehumanizing rhetoric.
Life is illuminated by parables but conducted in messier stories.
This outpouring of support for Bernie Sanders has come for a candidate who has all but lost. At least in this universe.