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President Obama needs to display his own core of leadership — if only to justify his stated strategy of regime elimination. His stance against terrorism has never been more needed.
The biographer Eric Metaxas recently made waves by arguing that modern science increasingly "makes the case for God."
This is an underestimated source of dysfunction in American politics: The parties do not view themselves as losers, even when they lose.
It is important … to separate this violent political ideology from the faith of Islam, which an overwhelming majority of adherents find to be a source of comfort and compassion.
Clinton and Bush are each, roughly, in the mainstream of their respective parties. But those streams have dramatically diverged. A Clinton-Bush presidential contest would be among the clearest choices in modern...
The existence of norms is essential to social cohesion; the creative violation of norms is essential to social advancement.
America is in desperate need of a politics of repair, not a politics of demolition and rebuilding. We need leaders who take populist discontent seriously, but direct it toward projects of practical reform.
Politics, in this view, is the grubby business of winning in order to put the proper technocrats in charge of large, complex systems. This assumes that academic and bureaucratic elites know how to run the world...
With the apparently imminent release of the Feinstein report on CIA interrogations of high-value terrorists a decade ago, let's consider the situation of intelligence personnel who have been involved.
What is needed is compassion, increased resources and data that shapes policy. And a memory of the lost — whose number still grows by nearly 30,000 each week.