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Life is illuminated by parables but conducted in messier stories.
This outpouring of support for Bernie Sanders has come for a candidate who has all but lost. At least in this universe.
Trump ended up hurting the pro-life cause by reviving a stereotype of harshness. And it is part of a pattern.
What is different this time is that the challenge to manners is coming from the right — not the "free speech movement" but from brushfire populism.
Limbaugh has also consistently defended Trump as a legitimate choice for those whose dominating factor is the humiliation of "the establishment.
At a time when politics has veered toward division and exclusion, it is somehow fitting that Harper Lee, the apostle of empathy, made her exit.
As Donald Trump's GOP opponents descend on South Carolina, they are running smack into a phenomenon. In this state, Trump is riding a wave of adulation more common for rock stars, faith healers or South America...
The outbreak of hostilities between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz may not be edifying, but it is clarifying.
Now let us praise laundry lists. Every year at State of the Union time, the president and his staff say the speech will not include them. But the laundry won't keep track of itself.
In the eighth year of a presidency, who is qualified to begin delivering a historical judgment? Events are still too fresh and wriggling for historians to do their mortuary work.