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After stepping down as artistic director in 2012 after 28 years with Pioneer Theatre Company, Charles Morey has continued to enjoy success as a playwright and a director.
Salt Lake Acting Company’s production of “A Year with Frog and Toad” is fanciful and expertly staged — a genuine joy for young theatergoers and their parents.
Hale Centre Theatre West Valley’s production of “Catch Me If You Can” has intriguing twists and turns, but discriminating theatergoers may feel cheated out of a pursuit of enterprising enterta...
Hale Center Theater Orem consistently bats home runs, but with “Damn Yankees,” HCTO hits the ball over the outfield fence and thrillingly scores four points in a single play.
In a Q&A interview, director Chris Clark outlined some of the appealing aspects of “Catch Me If You Can” at Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley City — the state premiere of the Broadway-fresh m...
“Damn Yankees” has many “sweet, poignant moments,” according to Anne Swenson, executive producer of the Hale Center Theater Orem production.
The first national tour of the fresh-from-Broadway “Nice Work If You Can Get It” has rolled into the Capitol Theatre, and what’s the “Sweet and Lowdown,” to quote a song title, of ...
“The intent was to make a musical that felt like a classic and also felt new and fresh at the same time,” said David Eggers, director-choreographer of the “Nice Work If You Can Get It” n...
Pioneer Theatre Company opens its season with a sparkling production of the comedy-filled 'Spelling Bee' that prompts not only guffaws and chuckles, but deep belly laughs as well.
Robert Fairchild and his sister, Megan Fairchild, both principal members of New York City Ballet, will take on lead roles in major Broadway productions — "An American in Paris" and "On the Town."