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Utah is one of 17 states that give science or math credit toward high school graduation for computer science classes. In Utah, computer science counts as a third math credit.
Computer science job growth will explode in the next decade, but few U.S. students are studying computer science in high school. In most states, college-bound students have little incentive to take the class be...
When Comcast and Kahn Academy announced a multimillion-dollar education partnership last December, the companies said it would help low-income families cross the digital divide and gain educational opportunitie...
Hazing rituals continue on U.S. campuses despite efforts to stem them.
Education predictions for the new year continue to roll in.
Bob Kerrey, the former Nebraska governor and U.S. senator, has bold ideas about higher education innovation, honed during a 10-year stint as president of the New School, a private university in New York.
Alaska, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia did not adopt Common Core State Standards. Minnesota adopted the English standards, but not the math standards.
The optional reading lists that accompany Common Core English standards contain some racy books.
Common Core State Standards for K-12 education were adopted by 45 U.S. states, but controversy continues to rage. The sharpest battle line divides the tea party and business wings of the Republican Party.
Arguments over Common Core fill the hallways of schools and legislative chambers across the nation. What kinds of skills are students required to master as part of the Common Core?