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Jim Bennett is a recovering actor, theater producer and politico, and he writes about pop culture and politics at his blog, stallioncornell.com.

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Almost nine years of blogging has taken me to some very unexpected places.
Movies about quadriplegics are based on the premise that their lives have so little value that suicide is the only acceptable option.
"Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is blaming scalpers for high ticket prices, but the reality is that the only way to meet demand for tickets is to increase the supply.
Bob Bennett had a lifelong passion for the theater that found expression in a number of unlikely ways.
I'm going to be cutting down on the number of superhero TV shows I watch next season.
"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" isn't sleazy or depraved; it's just really, really boring.
Now that Nathan Fillion has some time on his hands, it's the perfect moment for him to return to the role that made him famous.
"Captain America: Civil War" skirts the real-world consequences of spinal cord injuries.
If you find yourself in New York and you’re looking for something to watch when you can’t get tickets to “Hamilton,” I recommend “Waitress” as a delightful alternative.
"Hamilton's" rap music score was initially off-putting, but I have since listened to “Hamilton” several times in its entirety, and I am now a true-believing convert to rabid Hamiltonian fandom.