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Jim Bennett is a recovering actor, theater producer and politico, and he writes about pop culture and politics at his blog, stallioncornell.com.

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The producers of the new Muppets series on ABC seem to think audiences want to see these beloved characters deconstructed and post-modernized. They couldn't be more wrong.
Movies set in a "post-apocalyptic" environment create unnecessarily dismal expectations about the future.
Rosie O'Donnell was once the "Queen of Nice," but she's now an opinionated political activist. With his "Late Show" debut, Stephen Colbert seems to be going in the opposite direction.
The stigma that used to be attached to film actors working in television is all but gone, and people are calling this the New Golden Age of Television.
“The Hobbit” isn’t “Braveheart,” and whatever the new R-rated Extended Edition of “The Battle of Five Armies” is, it isn’t “The Hobbit.”
It’s often painful to watch a bad movie, but it’s much more painful to watch a bad movie that you expected to be good. 

Donald Trump is running his presidential campaign as if it were the latest season of "The Apprentice," which is why it makes for great television and terrible politics.
Controversy over whether or not my article about "The Book of Mormon" musical constituted a "review" obscured the valid point that the show should be offensive to everyone, not just Mormons.
Should Mormons find "The Book of Mormon" musical offensive? Yes. Not because they're Mormons, but because they're human beings.
The Utah Shakespeare Festival's brilliant production of "Amadeus" raises an important question: when portraying bad people behaving badly, how much is too much?