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Jim Bennett is a recovering actor, theater producer and politico, and he writes about pop culture and politics at his blog, stallioncornell.com.

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There has never been a time in history with more entertainment choices available than there are now. If you can’t find something consistent with your values or your tastes, it may not be Hollywood’s...
Film is just another way to tell stories, and stories help us understand our world and define our place in it. That’s why Jesus told so many stories during his earthly ministry.
Time and technology have changed the way we tell and receive visual stories.
The passing of the great actor Leonard Nimoy calls to mind his indelible performance in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan," which contains arguably the most moving death scene ever committed to film.
Even if you don’t watch the show, it’s almost impossible to not be affected by the impact "Saturday Night Live" has had on the culture at large these past four decades.
I’m not quite sure where series creator Vince Gilligan is taking viewers with "Better Call Saul," but I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.
This year’s Super Bowl ads were much like those in years past — some inspired, some dreadful and the rest expensive, over-produced and already forgotten.
With both movies and computers, reboots are a drastic measure that don't always deliver the desired results.
Reality is rarely tidy enough to match up with the demands of a good story, so writers are left with the task of balancing accuracy with drama. Both can't be served perfectly, so something's gotta give. And "Se...
Marvel's "Agent Carter" is obsessed with depicting post-war male boorishness, and this turns most of the men in the show into little more than caricatures.