Alexis Jones
Lexi Jones is a graduate of the University of Utah with a double major in Mass Communications and Anthropology. She is a current employee of the Deseret News, working as Editorial Assistant for Mormon Times and Features. She loves writing, reading, and doing anything and everything outdoors. Her favorite things to write about are people, history and the outdoors. She's currently working on her M.A. in Archaeology at Brigham Young University.

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Desert Star’s latest show, “The Hungry Games,” entertains with a multitude of popular song spoofs and witty comments on Utah society and popular culture. The show is playing through Nov. 9.
Running a fashion franchise and winning the Global Student Entrepreneur Award while carrying a full college course load was not an easy feat for 28-year-old Chelsea Sloan, co-founder of Uptown Cheapskate.
Desert Star Playhouse's new show "The Hungry Games" opens Aug. 29 and is ready to offer its audience a comedy based on the dramatic book and movie series it parodies.